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Colourful Monday

Positive quotes
Feeling the positive vibes (image)

So it's Monday and for most people that's not the best day of the week for others it's the start of a week that could be full of opportunities - I try to view it with the second option insight. Today however I am struggling with a cold, wrapped up on the sofa looking outside at the blue sky and trying to zen myself into a happy healthy place. I refuse to let this get my down and I am looking forward to an action filled week (from tomorrow). I have been thinking a lot about how I really want to bring more colour into our home and life and thought I would share a little bit of positive colour inspiration with you.....

DIY stair prints
How beautiful are these stairs? (image)
colourful rug
The power of block colours and an awesome rug (image)

So I hope everyone has a wonderful and colourful monday and remember stay positive as you simply don't know what the week holds


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