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When Wilf came to play

Our highlight of the last week has to be when the lovely Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn and her adorable son Wilf hopped on the train from Bristol and made there way to Cardiff, where we met up with them for a lovely day spent mainly in the part as well as a pit stop in the museum. Mr A met Wilf early in the year when we travelled together to London for an event and he was really excited to see him again. Even though there is more than a year age gap the two boys get on with each other so well and is really was so blissful to watch them play, laugh and enjoy each others company.

Before lunch Mr A and I were keen to show Wilf one of our favourite spots - the Cardiff Museum, which has a small dinosaur exhibition, which I forgot how scary it could be for a two and half year old so we quickly moved onto the natural history section as well as a lovely little kids core room which provides the perfect chill out area. After the museum we headed to Bute Park and a spot to each while the boys played with the sandpit and grabbed ice-creams out of the ice-cream freezer (we turned our back for a second and they had helped themselves!). We came across a very friendly little squirrel in the park as well as the chance for some lovely free-range play, which included a lot of digging, soil and sticks.

toddlers eating ice-cream

friendly squirrel

natural childhood

natural childhood

free range childhood
First and last photo taken by Fritha

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. aaaw they are both so stylish and adorable :)

  2. Ahhh, they look adorable together - and so well dressed! What fashionable young men!

  3. What a cute little day out - so fab to meet up with blogger friends and their kids, isn't it?

  4. awww what a lovely day out and what beautiful photos honey. I love days like this what just turn out to be so fantastic (more so than planned) #countrykids

  5. What a fun treat for the boys to play together. I love the photo of them both walking ahead of the camera. x

  6. Awww its nice to see kids being friendly with each other. My son had just recently got some best friends and they would meet after school on Fridays and its such a joy to see them play. Friendship forge this early is so precious to me as I have an only child and I want him to not feel alone and I feel he never will with them. #CountryKids


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