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French interiors
Would love to live in this Parisian apartment (image)  

So there are plans afoot for a possible break to the capital of chic this September for my 30th Birthday. So of you may already know that I lived in the South of France for 6 months before Mr A came along, what a beautiful place! As is Paris, in fact all of France captures my heart and I love their city style as well the laid back countryside life. When it comes to interiors they revere the old and celebrate the new and it's a country that really is full of classic and creative interior inspiration. This also follows through to their food and fashion.

How amazing is this window and the view! (image)

One of the things I love about French and European interiors are the large windows, with beautiful original frames, it brings so much light even into the smallest apartments and there is nothing like classic features in any room and hopefully when we move next time we can get a property with some nice large windows.

French lifestyle

Parisian shop

french style


If all our dreams and ideas actually go to plan than I cannot wait to be walking around in my brogues while eating lovely pastries in Paris or hanging out in the sun on the coast of the South of France.

french fashion


  1. Ah i'm so jealous, I love France. Its such a beautiful country, I have 2 kids and am desperate to take them there one day as I had many a happy holiday there as a child.
    French interiors/furniture is wonderful, its ornate and decorative / rustic and charming, it tells a story and adds such style to homes, as for the food - fab. Have a wonderful break :O)

  2. Just my kind of style country mixed with lots of decorative china and a slightly shabby/ homely feel x


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