5 Interior Design Ideas That Your Kids Would Love


stylish kids bedroom
How amazing is this little room (image)

Planning home décor for kids is definitely a challenge especially when you want to make sure that your kids love your interior design ideas. But wait. Have you come up with something extraordinarily fascinating for your kids? If you do, you will make it! Following are the top 5 interior design ideas your little ones are surely going to enjoy:

kids lighting
I don't think I would ever get bored of a cloud light (image)

Wall-mounted lights

How about presenting a set of cute, pink wall-mounted lights to your little princess? Such unique lights are available in online stores like design55 online in various shapes, types, and sizes, entirely depending on the taste of your kids. Here is something unique about this lighting: Different kinds, shapes, and colours of lights can be mounted on the wall of your kid’s room, such as, large-sized, flower-shaped light mounted on a single wall! When you switch it on, it will naturally lit the room, spreading the light from the wall.

So, whenever the little one enters her room, she is welcomed by the enchanting flowery light bulbs or any of her favourite things sparkling even when it’s a dark room! 

toddler bedroom
I love the simplicity of this room and the crochet bean bag (image)

Bean bags

Perhaps your kids have been noticing the presence of bean bags at every other neighbour’s place. So what’s the big difference if you get those for their room too? Though bean bags are quite common now, you should not ignore the convenience these small couches can provide to your kids. If you are looking for something that can amaze your kids, then choose from a variety of options. Some interesting designs of bean bags include the following:

Animal prints
Polka dots
Cartoon characters 

beautiful wallpaper
Mirror and wallpaper love (image)


No matter how obsessed your kids are with their toys, you should never forget how much they love the “Pretend play” game! Toddler boys love to act like the Spiderman by dressing up exactly like him. Likewise, little girls are fond of pretending as if they have turned into their favourite fairytale princess. And yes, a mirror is a perfect way to let them know how adorable they look while practicing their imaginations! However, mirrors in kids’ room serve another purpose: they enhance the interior design of your kids’ room, helping them love the decoration of their room ever more.

When it comes to choosing fascinating mirrors for your kids’ room, choices are endless. From pale lemonade to glossy pink, there are hundreds of colours to choose from. Adding designs such as, striped borders, delightful appliqués, and embellishments will further add spark to the mirror for your little one. 

kids climbing wall
How cool is this! (image)

Climbing walls

No. We are not talking about letting your kids play at a nearby park. Why not give them the similar feeling right in their room?! Climbing walls are now considered the main element to decorate a kid’s room. Interestingly, a climbing wall can be easily installed in a room while providing ample benefits for the growth of your kids. Furthermore, it helps them build strength and balance right from early age.

stylish toddler room
Love this super chic toddler bedroom (image)

Toddler beds

For toddlers, there are toddler beds that are especially designed to make their transition to a separate bed easier. If your child is going through the same scenario, then buying a toddler bed can be a smart investment for your little one’s healthy growth. Creatively-designed toddler beds are liked by all kids.

By now, you must have leant how exactly you are going to bring home those interior design ideas that can give your kids some whimsical fun. However, customisation is another key that will make things simply amazing. So blend your own creativity with these interesting interior design ideas, and see what your kids have to say about the beautifully-created atmosphere!

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  1. I think I would have a tent in my bedroom now and I am in my 30's!

  2. Oh wow these are some great ideas, ones I'd have in my own room! lol x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  3. lovely ideas i like the muted colours and the rock climbing bed

  4. Really awesome ideas and i'm going to try it out in my kids room.

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