Bringing Art into the home


creative cityscape
Such a creative way to display a cable (image)

The walls in our home are feeling really bare at the moment I am really keen to bring more art into the home, our life and walls, as well as bring colour and creativity. I just thought I would share a few inspirational images to inspire you to do the same

displaying children's artwork
Great way to display children's artwork (image)

nature inspired room
Simple natural style (image)

Love this fun and colourful room from OhJoy studio


  1. We're doing up our house at the moment and most of the walls need painting / papering - itching to get it all done so we can get all our pictures up! It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  2. Our walls are full of art, some bought, some handmade.... I can't imagine living with bare walls

  3. Oh I LOVE that shot from Oh Joy, I'm in major renovation mode at the minute too x

  4. I LOVE all the kid's artwork, and that is a very interesting way to display a cable x

  5. Brilliant inspiration. I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for fab artwork - it's a bit like my eternal quest for the perfect cushion ;)

  6. Love the cable - I saw one like that in the shape of a Christmas tree on Pinterest last year!

  7. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.


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