A West Wales Adventure


Bantwen Cottage

beautiful view

 Two weeks ago, after an impromptu talk with mother about how we needed a low stress mini break, she was off finding a last minute deal and came across this beautiful detached Croft Thatched cottage in West Wales and we jumped at the chance. My mother booked it through Under The Thatch who have a small but beautiful collection of unique and character filled properties and they had two nights available for a late booking at a really great price (wish it could have been longer though) so with only a day or two to prepare we headed off.

I always feel really lucky that we don't live to far from truly inspirational places such as West Wales and I often think that we overlook what is basically on our doorstep. It was so peaceful and the cottage had a lovely large garden with an apple tree and luckily enough for us the weather was dry which meant two nights spent eating outside, overlooking beautiful views across a valley and countryside.

running free

Original cottage

I was really taken by the interior of the cottage which has been sympathetically restored and everything was in keeping with it's age and character. It had the cutest little windows and a small but very well equipped kitchen, from where we watched rabbits racing across the driveway each morning. The beds were incredibly comfy and I easily drifted off into a deep sleep on both nights, as did the little man. The lounge had a wonderful log burner and despite the small size of the cottage it had a separate dinning room and three bedrooms, two which were almost hidden with secret doors leading to very steep stairs into the loft above.


Welsh cottage

Whenever I stay in the countryside I realise that is were I am most happy, it may be an age thing that I no longer need to hustle and bustle of a city, maybe it's my heart defect that has changed my outlook on life or perhaps wanting to give Mr A an outdoor childhood like I had, I don't know, I just hope one day I end up somewhere out here.

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  1. what a super looking hideaway! I have never been to West Wales...really must expand my holiday horizons beyond the South West!

  2. I've heard so many good things about Under the Thatch properties I really want to try them out. Your mini-break looks lovely and just what you needed. Also, how cool is your mum, swinging into action and booking it for you!?

  3. it's so nice to get away from it all somewhere like this. I loved getting back to basics and camping without wifi last week x

  4. Ahh it looks gorgeous. Matt wants to live in the middle of the countryside, I personally think I would find it too much to be there all the time unless it was near a big town / city. I love holidaying in remote places though x

  5. it looks like such a lovely place, inside and out!

  6. We've been talking more and more about moving to the countryside. I didn't grow up anywhere rural so it's taken a mental shift for me but I'm there now, I'm up for it. Looks like you had a lovely time. x

  7. Aww, it looks beautiful, the cottage especially! One of the things I love about living here in Bath, is that I get the hustle & bustle of a city, but within 5 minutes in the car we are in the deep countryside. Bliss!

  8. we love under the thatch my parents always stay with them too. I'd love to check out some of their places like gypsy caravans and such but they are always in places not accessible by train or bus..that being said we could just grab a taxi! This place looks wonderful x

  9. How lucky am I - I live in West Wales :) this cottage looks lovely x

  10. Ah it looks a beautiful cottage and that last photo of you is absolutely stunning. We were in South Wales last weekend camping and it is definitely a beautiful part of the world. x


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