An essential checklist before going on a family road trip


Our road trips usually start with a crossing over the Severn Bridge 

After calling a travel agency to arrange for their accommodations, a family planning a road trip has a few more things to do before leaving their home. One of those tasks is preparing the car for the long journey. After all, having car trouble during a road trip can result in expensive repairs as well as delay a family's vacation plans. Consider a few things families and others can do to prepare their vehicle for a lengthy road trip.

Change the Oil

This is a simple maintenance practice, but it's an important one. A car that is low on oil doesn't run at its most efficient. Plus, a low level of oil puts more strain on various parts of the engine. This can become a big problem for a car that is travelling a couple hundred miles a day. If a car runs out of oil, it can stop in the middle of the road, putting a family in danger.

Cornwall bound
Summer fun on the road, in Cornwall

An Air Filter Change

Changing the air filter in a car will also help it to run in a more efficient way. An air filter stops particles and other debris from clogging up the engine. An engine that becomes filled with tiny debris must work harder to do its job. Over time, a car engine suffers from an inordinate amount of wear and tear. Consequently, it's wise to start a long road trip with a clean air filter.

Check the Tire Pressure

Driving on tires with low pressure can decrease the efficiency of the vehicle. It can throw a vehicle out of balance. Naturally, a family wants their vehicle to run as efficiently as possible, especially if they are making a trip that consists of several hundred miles. A car owner can check the pressure of the tires in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, filling the tires with air is not a difficult task to accomplish. Gas stations and convenience stores are two places to fill a car's tires with air.

Check for Emergency Supplies

Finally, a family who is planning a road trip should make sure they have emergency supplies in case they have car trouble. Most emergency kits include items such as jumper cables, reflectors, rope, flares, paper towels and non-perishable food. This kit can be tucked into one corner of the trunk so it won't take up room that's needed for suitcases and bags.

Of course, you may be travelling child-free and looking to have a more of a party feel to your road trip, more than an Uber but a comfy stylish vehicle to drive you and your friends around like a party bus Lubbock - we all need to have some crazy fun sometimes! Another option is to hire a Motorhome for those longer trips and drive in comfort and style.  

My old van, ready to go, in Cornwall


  1. Checking the oil is a real important one! My family and I recently went on a road trip and had to stop for oil 3 times because there was something wrong with the oil filter :/

    Fiona @

  2. This has been such a useful post! I didn't even think of changing the oil or checking the tire pressure :)


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