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For the love of Coffee

Romantic coffee shop
Beautiful Coffeeshop (image)

I think I was fairly late discovering coffee having my first mug when I was around 19years old. I always use to drink Rooiboos tea which is the most popular hot drink in South Africa. I was introduce to coffee by a friend who loved going to a cafe in Cape Town called The Mug and Bean, I felt like something different so he suggested having a Mocha - you know the hot chocolate coffee combination, this was my first taste of coffee and after a month or two of drinking Mochas I found myself wanting a stronger coffee taste and switched to a Cappuccino which later turned into an Americano or an Espresso and that was it really I have been a coffee fan ever since. Although these days I have switched to Decaff it doesn't mean I don't like Artisan coffee, I still enjoy my Cafeteria daily at breakfast time and John and I are always on the search for the best flat white in Cardiff.

Coffee love
Coffee can be found on my instagram, thats for sure 

John has an old italian coffee maker at work which he is trying to perfect his version of the flat white on and which I hear about all the time (apparently he is very close to achieving perfection) and all he talks about is getting an espresso machine for the house, which of course I would love as well, maybe something like retro inspired like these ones from Currys. There is something very romantic and design inspired about kitchens with chic coffee machines and misted up coffeeshop windows while people chat to each other about their day. It's a relaxing pass time that can bring people together.

coffee machine in the home
Wouldn't mind something like this at home (image)

Being a busy mum you also learn that coffee shops can be havens as they often have a small play ares with a few games and nearly all do Babychinos now which children love and when you have had a long day there really is something lovely about relaxing into a comfy chair with a warm drink made by someone else and sipping your worries away.
Do you have a favourite drink?


  1. I love tea. Ordinary tea. I drink three mugs full a day, but limit myself to that. At other times, I drink mixed berry tea, fennel, and peppermint. All lovely, although I must say, I love the taste of real coffee. I should get out more.

    1. I agree I love tea and a good cup of coffee - depends what mood I am in, although freshly ground coffee is wonderful

      Laura x

  2. I sometimes feel like I'm the only person in the world who dislikes tea and coffee! I do like hot chocolate, but only occasionally. I enjoy cold drinks, cranberry juice, fruit juice and too much redbull! x

    1. I think everyone likes hot chocolate :) You should try a Mocha - coffee and chocolate together - dreamy

      Laura x

  3. I love hot chocolate but I prefer to drink black coffee. Coffee makes me feel stronger and alive. It gives me strength to face the new day of my life. But because of the help of coffee maker, my coffee brings out the real taste of it and it’s the one who made me addict, its bitter sweet taste that really blends well are the best. helps me a lot by offering me the best coffee maker that can extract the perfect taste of my coffee that I am longing for.


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