A birthday and small home comforts


two boys

So a big Happy Birthday to John who turned 35 yesterday and even though it's not like the big 4-0 it does feel like the half way point between decades is also one to celebrate, which we will be doing this weekend at a festival as well as a little trip planned to London later on in the month. I remember his 28th Birthday like it was yesterday, as thats when we first started dating and I can't believe how much has changed, 2 house moves, finishing uni with a newborn, John re-training and going from a job he hated to one he loves and of course having Mr A. We have a lot to be grateful for.
Also this is the first birthday we have had in the new house and (not to sound like a broken record) we are starting to make it feel like home, with the small touches



home decorations


  1. happy birthday to him! have fun at the festival xx

  2. love that blanket! hope you all had a lovely day.

  3. lovely little family! happy birthday John! x

  4. I also read The Green Parent! Now I'm going to have to try The Simple Things. Happy belated birthday, John! Gosh, so much has happened in your family's life!

  5. Happy birthday John and hope you guys enjoyed a fab day! x

  6. Happy late birthday, John! We have that little bird, and I adore your crate coffee-table!


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