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I love looking back at old photos and seeing how we change over time, the little man is growing so fast and as a couple we have also developed and matured. Everything in the world turns in cycles and just as toddlers go through fazes so do adults, there likes, dislikes, needs and ambitions. This can also be seen in fashion. It's really funny as a child I use to think those eighties polka dot print was hideous but this last season I have really feel in love with polka dot, something I never would of thought at the age of 8. Since meeting John, who has always care about the what he wears, his personal style has definitely been refined over the years and he has really found a style that suits him and he feels comfortable in. Myself on the other hand not so much, I just tend to wear what I feel like on that day and sometimes it's completely different from the day before, when we are together I often make more of an effort but being a busy mum you can normally find me in my jeans and converse with a Breton striped tee or something along those lines.

winter style
street style

I think now more than ever I am open minded to trends and just go with the flow while trying to keep to something classical, nothing beats a tailored shirt or a beautifully floaty dress or well fitted jeans. I do try and add more colour into my wardrobe and love all the creative fabrics and prints that have been seen over the past couple of years. What is your favourite fashion trend from when you were a teenager?


  1. I love the outfits you're both wearing in your pics :D So stylish

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. I found this post really interesting! Seeing as fashion is a huge part of my life! x


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