Beach Vacation With Kids: Fun Time In Cancun


beachtime fun
We could do with a beach holiday in warmer climates

Lately I have been dreaming a lot of far flung places, or simply countries we have not yet visited with Mexico being one of them. We normally spend our time exploring, running around from one place to another but actually we are really in need of a relaxing beach break and I want to explore Central America a little bit more and see if it was really child friendly.

So it is time to change that preconceived idea that the beach resorts of Mexico are purely for adults. Holidays in Cancun are perfect for families who are travelling with children and want to experience crystal clear waters, superb beaches, lush ecosystems, and so much more!

beautiful beach Cancun
I could seriously imagine myself here right now (image)

Crystal Clear Waters and Super Beaches

The fun never stops along the shores of Cancun. The stunning blue waters of the Caribbean Sea are enough to tempt anyone in, or onto, and you can find countless numbers of different excursions on Lonely Planet doing just that. Boat tours give families the chance to see the jungle and the Mangroves from the middle of the water; go by speedboat and you get an extra thrill! The more adventurous young family can dive in at the deep end and try snorkelling or scuba diving, to soak up the surrounds of an underwater tropical paradise. For something extra special, there is always the chance to swim with dolphins and animal- loving families can explore the beach on horseback; with guided trips that weave you through the jungle, the desert and the along the white sands.

Beautiful Cancun
Stunning ecosystems to explore - Mr A would love this (image)

Lush Ecosystems

Cancun has jaw-dropping jungles which can be explored in so many ways; the most exciting being scouring the treetops using zip lines. One of the most wonderful activities that a family can do with their children is to introduce them to the native wildlife by visiting the interactive zoo. They will learn about all the animals which reside in the Mexican jungles so, instead of sheep, pigs and cows you’ll get close to, and interact with, exotic animals like monkeys, macaws, and crocodiles!

Macaws Cancun
Colourful Macaws (image)

More about Cancun

With its broad array of activities for all the family, Cancun really offers something for everyone. It has sun, sea, sand and a whole heap of brilliant things to do for entertainment. All this and then there’s also the incredible Mayan ruins spread out all over the region. No family can leave the island without going to see the remnants of one of the most ancient civilisations known to man.

There is no better way to teach a child about the world than to show them it in its full glory and there is no doubt that, by going to visit a place like Cancun, your children will be the centre of attention at how and tell on their return to school next year!

Even though we have one or two short breaks and a longer holiday planned this year I would love to be whisked away to somewhere like Cancun and it's now very much on our list of places to visit!

relaxing Cancun
Would love to be whisked away to here (image)

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  1. wow I want to go to cancun now, i need a vacation like yesterday but still got more months to go before i have one

  2. I've always wanted to go to Cancun. Looks incredible!


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