A Welsh Getaway - a sneak peak


free range toddler

So late week my mother surprised me to a little 2 day getaway in rural West Wales which was really what we needed. Unfortunately John could not come with due to work but it was great to have some quality time with my mother and the little man. It's been a rather up and down couple of months after surgery and generally having some negative people around me has not helped, so our cottage break was welcomed with open arms and oh how I long to live in the countryside. We stayed in a traditional  Croft Loft Cottage with a very large garden which had a wonderful apple tree to sit under and overlooked a field with horses and ponies. The evenings were warm and we ate outside, it was blissful and I cannot wait to share everything we got up too.

mothers love
Us lying under the apple tree


  1. Summer getaways are the best and I'm with you on wanting to live in the country or at least I am until I want to go shopping or eat at full-course meal at an unreasonable hour. This peek at what you've been up to looks perfectly sweet and I bet the rest of the shots are going to be just as precious.

  2. shame your other half couldn't come, but this looks like such a lovely place!

  3. So lovely to hear that you managed to get some time away and a chance to relax. I can just imagine unplugging from everything and taking time to yourself with the boy is bliss! x

  4. that cottage looks lovely! sometimes a couple of days away is just what you need x

  5. so amazing to be able to unplug and this cottage looks blissful. Another reason I want to learn to drive it to get to places like this! x


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