Page Boy and putting a ring on it


So later this year the little man is going to be a Page Boy for one of Johns close family relatives. It's going to be a really exciting day, his first really formal event. I am not sure what he is going to wear as of yet but one thing is for sure he needs to be comfortable otherwise we will know about it. I think we will probably opt for some chinos with a shirt and braces. For those who don't know I also studied in Fine Art Photography and have photographed a many a wedding and even though I offered to do theres on this occasion I will be there as a guest and support for Mr A but still wanted to share a few of my wedding photography pics with you.....

happy couple
wedding kiss

The one thing I have learnt about photographing weddings is it's all about the detail, the small meaningful touches. From flowers to thank-you cards to hair, makeup and everything in between you have to take it all into account (well you don't have to but you know what I mean) one of the most important small details has to be the rings! With so many options on metal, profile, shape and design you want to get this right so check out this little infographic below

Put A Ring On It - ZA

Created by Hitched ZA


  1. I thought this might be a post saying you were getting married!! Mr A is going to be so cute as a page boy though :) xx

  2. great photos - and how exciting he gets to be a page boy!

  3. Oh I hope he enjoys being part of a wedding day, I have very happy childhood memories of being a bridesmaid!


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