Glamping with Cariad Canvas


Bell tent

At the beginning of the month we spent 2 nights glamping on the Welsh coast, while enjoying amazing stories at Beyond the Border International Story-Telling festival. We normally camp at festivals but since it was Johns birthday weekend we decided to treat ourselves to a more "luxury" experience of glamping in a lovely Bell tent with Cariad Canvas. Mr A loves nothing more than camping, seriously if he could he would live in a tent, we thought maybe he would be a little put out he didn't get to put up the tent which he has become rather good at but he was instantly taken by the bell tent, bunting and lovely interior.

Beautiful tent

Bell tent furniture

camping wellies

 So what are the Pro's and Con's of glamping rather than camping at a festival?

1. No setup or take down time
2. Packing less and in turn carrying less from the car to the campsite - major bonus
3. The tents are usually located on nice even pitches
4. Spacious interior with a small table, pillows and rug

1. The extra cost. Camping is usually included in the cost of a festival ticket - but if you do want less stress than this could be worth the money
2. Our Airbed kept going down all the time which meant we actually didn't sleep as well as we normally do in our own tent - note to self take our own airbed with next time

family camping

camping fun

Canvas bell tent

father and son

I have joined in with Magic Moments

Thanks to Cariad Canvas who provided us with a discount for this review


  1. I think glamping is the only way I could handle festivals these days! x

  2. ahh this looks awesome! shame about the air bed. love your photos too :)

  3. I love the idea of glamping and not having to fiddle around with tent poles. This looks lovely and I love the little red wagon! x

  4. What gorgeous photos! We went glamping once and it's definitely worth the money, in my opinion. Apart from the deflating airbed it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Top festival family. Lovely photos

  6. ooooh - I really want to stay in a bell tent! Might have to convince G about the extra cost for Camp Bestival next year {will play the new baby card :p}

  7. That just looks perfect - what lovely photos!

  8. I'm with Jess, the idea of shlepping miles from the car with a load of gear in the beating sun or pouring rain with 3 miserable kids is not good (that's exactly what we did last year and there were a lot of tears). So yes glamping definitely sounds like the way forward. Plus look how adorable it all is - gorgeous photos!!

  9. We just got new camping tent from gumtree for free so we will not try glamping anytime soon but will enjoy our new found awesome free tent =) #magicmoments

  10. Looks like so much fun! And that mini caravan is cute :)

  11. Glamping certainly is the way 4ward :)
    They also offer fixed beds, so next time order those as they are really comfy, airbeds are the lower budget option. x

  12. beautiful photos! Must try!

  13. tents look beautiful, makes me want to go glamping ;)

  14. I love that shot of A in the little trailer! This would defo be an option for us as we don't drive so the less stuff we have to carry the better, plus it looks so pretty! xx

  15. wow i didn't realise you had the choice to do this! i have to say i think if these were an option i would pick this everytime!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  16. I think I much prefer the idea of glamping to camping! #MagicMoments


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