Some fun in the sun - 5 activities to get the whole family outdoors


family outdoor fun
Me and Mr A enjoying a walk in the countryside

It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot or mild, we all need to spend some time in the sun. Not only do the rays of the sun provide us with much needed vitamin D, medical studies show that being outdoors can have an extremely positive affect on both our mental and physical health. The problem is, in this age of television, video games and computers, it is not always easy to get the family outdoors for a bit of healthy fun. Here are a few ideas that might make your family more willing to get off the couch and into the sun.

Surf or turf BBQ

This isn’t necessarily about whether you eat steak or seafood; this is more about where you take the family for a Sunday lunch. Go to the local beach, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, or bush picnic area for a good old family barbecue. Take everyone’s favourite food, some games and anything else that will encourage some exercise. If the amenities don’t have public barbecue’s you might need to purchase a portable grill. Visit  Ziegler and Brown  for some ideas. If the outing is a success, the barbecue will be a good investment in the future.

camping cooking
John starting the fire for a little bbq while glamping in a TV

Take flight on a hot-air balloon

Most major cities these days offer balloon rides, and what better way to get the family together than to get a view of your home town from a rarely seen angle. Balloon travel is an experience most people say they will never forget. Putting aside the noise of the heat jets as the balloon rises, there is nothing like silently and gracefully floating way above the countryside to get some perspective on life and the rat race.

Be a tourist in your hometown

This might sound a little odd, but there are many gems around your own town just waiting to be discovered. Gather the family and pretend to be tourists. Marvel at some of the old buildings and see if you can find their history. Visit the local cemetery and look for the grave sites of those who helped develop your town. There are so many amazing things in the world and many of them close to home, but we just don’t know it.

outdoor fun
We love exploring all the parks and outdoor spaces Cardiff has to offer

Family water park venture

Who doesn’t love water, pools, slides and fun? Take the family to a waterpark for the day. Or better yet, buy a two day pass and spend the weekend swimming, sliding, playing and enjoying yourselves. Cut down on costs and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy under the trees. You can really make the most of it and invite some close friends who can be part of your family for the day.

kids bike

Bike riding

Riding a bike has long been a favourite with families. Many cities have family friendly bike paths to get younger ones off the roads and away from the dangers of cars. It is a fun way to get around and improves your health at the same time. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent some for the day or, in some cities, hire them from a council-run communal rental scheme.

There is more to life than sitting around watching TV or playing video games. Gather the family, get outdoors and see what the world has to offer.

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  1. Your always such an active family! Think I need to drag Jon out of the house more this summer!
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