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Small bedroom inspiration

small bedroom
Super stylish DIY headboard (image)

So our main bedroom is pretty small and since we are planning to sell our home next year we want to make it appear as large as possible with clever and savvy design and storage space, as well as warming and homely fabrics. I have been putting together some mood boards as we want to get our bedroom sorted out sooner rather than later and thought I would share my inspiration with you.

bedroom inspiration
Such a beautiful small room (image)
bedroom inspiration
Besides the wall paper I really love this room in the eves (image)
bedroom chic
Simple and stylish 


  1. Ooh I really love the headboard, it certainly makes a feature of the wall. It's amazing how creative you can get with a small space if you put your mind to it! x

  2. I love that slanted wall and those big windows! x

  3. love the wallpaper on that second to last photo x

  4. That last one is about the size of our bedroom only with lower ceilings, it's tiny! I'm about to repaint it though as it's a disgusting shade of yellow at the moment, I like the shelf about the bed idea, although I'd be scared of things falling on my head! x

  5. The third bedroom looks lovely, really cosy under the windows :)


  6. I used to have a bedroom in the eves while I was a postgrad. Loved all the sunlight that would come through.

  7. I love how the second one has all of those windows. Great use of space in the third photo too, having books under the windows.

  8. Absolutely love this post. The attic-y one is exactly the same layout as our loft conversion, so it's given me ideas! It's pretty much done conversion-wise, but wasn't cleared with planning or anything by previous owners so we need to sort that out first.

  9. looks very comfy! :)

  10. Great pics, I love the headboard in the first and also the eaves room, I also love the rustic ceiling in the last room and the art work is perfect. Sometimes having a small space makes you more creative as you have to really think about space more. Mirrors are always a good way to make a space seem bigger and they are fab features. I've seen quite a lot of posts where people stack old style suitcases which looks fun and stylish an can be used as storage. Ottomans can double up well too. Happy decorating :o)

  11. I had a bedroom in the eaves as a student. I loved the light. Good look with your room!

  12. these are some super lovely rooms! i used to have an attic room before i moved to cardiff and whilst it was lovely and light, it was always FREEZING in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer!

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