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I think this is a good quote to live by (image)

It's surprising how many of us sleep on uncomfortable, old and basically unsuitable beds, especially when you think how many hours we spend on this one piece of furniture. Surely it should be one of the most important purchases we make, yet we often overlook, even John and I can put our hands up and say that we have gone for way to long without replacing our bed and it's now being put to the top of the list of must have things for the house, especially since sleep and the quality of your sleep is so important to your physical and mental wellbeing.

beautiful bed
How beautiful and cosy does this bed look? (image)

Personally I find lack of sleep really does affect my mood and makes me less attentive and when you have a toddler running around if your not on your game it can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get a little short with them, which is not fair on them. Also you are more likely to eat more when you are tired which overtime can lead to unnecessary weight gain. A good nights sleep can also improve your skin, your immune system and your memory and no matter how busy all of our lives have become in this modern world, sleep is one thing we should not ignore.

I always feel much better after a good night filled with wonderful dreams (image)

I think what we have struggled with is finding something that fits both of us in terms of what we what. We know one thing for sure that since becoming parents that a double bed is simply not big enough and we have endured nearly 4 years of having to share it with two adults (and on 3 out of 7 nights) with a toddler as well, so a king or a queen size bed is on the cards.

baby sleeping
We have since outgrown our double bed since having Mr A

John is very much about comfort and to him the mattress is the most important part, he works long hours, of which most is spent standing and he can often suffer from mild back ache so a nice firm mattress that also adapts to your body shape as well as being hypo-allergenic (I have allergies and he has Asthma) is very important. We will probably go with a long-standing company such as Sealy which have been going for over 60 years and have built a legacy of uncompromising comfort. I think when budgets are tight it's easy to go with cheaper options but in the long term it's really worth investing in a decent mattress as it's something thats going to be supporting your body and your back from around 7 hours each day.

vintage bed frame
This reminds me a lot of the vintage bed I had growing up as a kid (image)

I am very much into the visual side of things. I love vintage french beds with sturdy frames, something simple and not over the top but well made. My mother bought me a beautiful single bed from an antique store when I was young, it had a solid white steel frame which reminded me of an old hospital bed in the 1940s, it was so sturdy and at that age I really put it to the test but jumping up and down in it constantly, making den and making magical worlds under the bed.

loft bed
As long as it's a good mattress I would totally have a bed on the floor like this one (image)

Either way we want to invest in a bed that will stay with us for years. Something fairly classical and timeless but also provides us with a place to drift away into a real deep sleep.

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  1. We go to a furniture shop regularly just to dream of the beds they have there. LAst week I got a bit too comfy on one that cost over 11,000! It was beautiful and sooooo comfy, but I'm not sure it was 11,000 comfy! Ha ha. I'd love a new mattress, but I agree, it will have to be a King Size job - some nights we have us, the two boys and the dog in our double and there is no space!

  2. Sleep is so important. I am much more grumpy and snappy if I haven't had a good night sleep. One of the nicest feelings is climbing into a big comfy bed with clean smelling cotton sheets and fluffy pillows ... even my cats agree!

  3. The one thing we really splurged on when we bought our first house today was an expensive bed and mattress (we were sitting on garden chairs watching the TV on a cardboard box in the rest of the house). They really are so important and when I sleep anywhere else I really miss the feel of my own bed.

  4. I'd love a new bed but they're just so expensive. The bed I have is from my uni house - the previous tenants left it behind and then I bought it home when I moved back!

  5. Oh I'd love a new bed!!! I need lots of sleep, and even our king size isn't big enough really!

  6. OMG, that pic of your boys is just soooo *heart is bursting* gorgeous!

  7. invested in a super kingsize bed the minute we moved into our first family home. Have never had a bad night since. Do it!

  8. The last one looks so cozy!!!


  9. love that quote but OH MY GOSH that pic of John and Mr A?? beautiful! x

  10. Our bed is MASSIVE! We literally chose the biggest one in the shop - we figured after 8 years of on & off co-sleeping, we deserved it!!

  11. We spent years sleeping on an awful mattress until I was six months pregnant and we finally bought a new one. A great night sleep is soooo important x

  12. does anyone know where I can buy that pink duvet cover?

  13. does anyone know where I can get that pink duvet cover?

  14. I just love this bed! I have been looking for the perfect linen duvet cover for a long time and I think you are giving me more inspiration to find one as soon as possible! Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Futons and sofa beds offer a double functionality, acting as couches during the days and as a bed at night. These are perfect for those in a studio apartment or keeping in case of guests, although they're not known for their overwhelming comfort.here

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