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chic bedroom
Love the painted brickwork and headboard (image)

So I recently got back from a lovely short break in a beautiful traditional cottage in West Wales, every inch of was in keeping with it's age, which original floor tiles and exposed wooden floors upstairs, a large open fire place and original beams, exactly what I love. What really inspired me the most was the simple but super cosy bedrooms, each with a different style bed and all with the most comfortable mattresses and luxurious duvets, it truly was a treat for the soul. It made me realise how much we have been neglecting our bedroom, it's just been one of those things, with so much work to be done to the whole property, recently re-tiling our bathroom, painting throughout (still on-going), working on the garden, sorting out Mr A's room it's made me think how I need to put together a simple plan for our bedroom.

wooden headboard
Love the subtle colours in this bedroom (image)

We have made a start though and one of the first things we did was deal with the floor - when we purchased the property we were really hoping for decent enough floor boards to sand and bring back to life but unfortunately they are not is good enough condition and have been patched up with horrible plywood so we opted for a simple and fairly light carpet, which was a huge improvement on the dark and stained carpet that was originally in our bedroom. We are planning to sell the cottage next year so everything we do has to be thought out and budgeted for, luckily we had a large Carpetright 15min for the house and after looking at other stores and online they offered the most reasonable carpet in the style we were looking for. We are now repainting the walls in Jasmine White and rejigging the alcove to use it to it's full potential, but here is a list of small changes that I think would make a huge different to our bedroom and we are going for a simple and fresh Scandi look

1. Clean lines with a few personal touches
2. Making the most of natural light and the large window
3. Don't be nervous of colour, just balance it well
4. Rework our bed with a new stylish headboard and patterned bedding
5. Repaint our bedroom furniture in chalk white
6. Hang Artwork above the bed

stylish interior
Beautiful and simple bedroom, love the painted wardrobe (image)

Like I said we have been meaning to replace our bed for ages but with so many other things to budget for it's gone to the bottom of the pile, I mean we are in need of a bigger bed (it's only a double and we need at least a queen) but as it's not broken we simply going to have to make do, but it's surprising how a chic new headboard, of which carpet right has a huge selection paired with some simply but design orientated bedding, it can really change the feel of the room.

designer bedroom
Stylish bedding and a simple headboard are always a winner (image)

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  1. I really need to update our bedroom too. Great ideas thanks. :-) x

  2. I really need to update our bedroom too. Great ideas thanks. :-) x

  3. We've just redone our bedroom, after completely emptying it we said 'never again' lol but it's no worth it. Our new carpet was from Carpetright !!

  4. Our bed is quite a big, grand wooden affair with a massive headboard. It's a bit full on to be honest but we love it. I do sometimes wish I could swap it just for a bit of a change but instead I just muck about with the rest of the scheme in the room.

  5. Some great ideas here, Laura. I'm obsessed with how exposed floorboards look, I'd love white ones in my own bedroom but sadly the carpet is relatively new and it would be too much of a shame to take it up just yet! x

  6. We've been thinking lately about home much we want a bed with a headboard! Unfortunately the only ones we've found are a bit pricey! x


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