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We are currently finishing up redecorating Mr A's bedroom, walls are painted, shelves are up, toy box up cycled and now we are on a search for a new bed as it's been long overdue for him to move from his toddler bed to a full sized one. He wants a small cabin bunk bed or something at least fun and unusual, now we don't particularly like novelty interiors and furniture but Cuckooland and have such unique and inspiring pieces that capture childhood and chic perfectly, such as these fun teepee beds and bunks with dens below.

kids beds

At the end of last year we bough some bedding and a print for our living room from Made and have been really impressed with the quality and design and would love to pick up one or two things for Mr A's room as finishing touches such as the bunny cushion and these cool mini chairs in various bright colours to add a bit of pop.

bedroom chic

Hopefull we will find a bed soon that suits him, is comfortable, practical and fits into his somewhat small bedroom. We have given ourselves another 2 months to work on the house before listing it to sell, so it's all go from here.


  1. The teepee bed is amazing, unusual and unique. I'd pick that one for sure :)

  2. Those beds are so fun, it would definitely make bedtime more exciting and something to look forward to! x

  3. I really love the bunk with a den. I used to make dens when I was a child, Any kid would love those designs!

  4. I used to have one of those cabin beds when I was younger, they can be great fun for kids x

  5. Love the teepee bed but I wish Ieuan's bedroom was half the size of some of these rooms! Does anyone design bedroom furniture for a box room?

  6. When looking to find children’s furniture, I always look out for something practical yet safe. I will also factor in the need for storage so every piece of furniture needs to have an ample amount of space for all of the children’s storage needs. Lastly, it has to be of vibrant colors so the children will love it.

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