Dressing for Ladies Days


trouser suit
Personally I love trouser suits for formal occasions

As some of you may already know the Grand National festival starts today with much excitement and anticipation and that can only mean one thing, it's Ladies Day tomorrow - a real highlight on the fashion calendar when the weird, wonderful and very stylish come out for all to see.

Expect to see very colourful outfits, over the top hats as well as well tailored trouser suits and chic dresses, in fact pretty much anything goes within reason that is, as at the end of the day you need to abide by a certain dress code.

vintage hat

So what to expect at ladies day and how to dress

Well as I said a certain dress code needs to be adhered to as a visit to the races is a special event and dressing for the occasion is important therefore smart and formal wear is encouraged in all the enclosures.

As a rule skirts should not be too short, no inappropriate, novelty or promotional pieces should be worn, shorts are not permitted and midriffs need to be covered. Also don't wear large heels you cannot walk properly or strapless tops. A hat or fascinator is encouraged to be worn by ladies and men should wear a suit with a shirt and tie.

formal wear

Top tips for getting it right this ladies day

1. Use ladies day as a chance to wear that beautiful dress that is too formal for any other kind of event and why not have your makeup done as well and treat it as a chance to enjoy a more elegant look you don't get to do on a daily basis.

2. Accessorise - wear a statement necklace paired up with some beautiful earrings, but again don't go too over the top, less is more in this case. Also think about what bag you need to take - something like small clutch or tote works the best as it's not too large and won't get in the way.

3. Add a dash of colour - even though it's a pretty formal occasion that doesn't mean you cannot have fun so add some colour to your outfit, this can also apply to your hat or fascinator which can be as creative as you want.

4. Everyone wants to be photographed looking chic but just make sure it's for the right reason and not for dressing over the top as they are becoming stricter with the rules every year with regards to strapless or spaghetti style tops and skirts too short so leaving something to the imagination is key and plus far more classy.

statement necklace
Why not accessorise with a statement necklace

There is always a real buzz at the races, especially if the sun is shining and the Pimms are out, it's a real day for celebration and style as well as having a go and putting a little flutter down on a your favourite horse. When my parents use to take me to the races in South Africa I loved watching them in the viewing ring before the race and would also go for one with an interesting name. The best thing is it's all bit of fun, I never put more than a pound down here or there and even if you cannot attend ladies day in person you can always place your Grand National bet online and see if your luck comes in.

If I was attending Ladies day this week I would opt for a tailored trouser suit, which is a classic and practical look, although I would accessorise that with a fun hat, stylish clutch, necklace and some patent brogues. We do place to go to the races at some point this year, which I am really looking forward to having a glass of sparkly in the summer sun.

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