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jumping for joy

So last weekend on Easter Sunday, after the hunt and lots of chocolate we decided we needed to get out in the fresh air so heading into the city for a bit of fun. As you can probably tell I am feeling a lot better, 6 week posts c-seciton and my energy levels are back up and so are out mini adventures and its also given me time to really test drive our new stroller The Cosatto Giggle 2.

With Mr A we struggled to find a stroller that worked for all of us, we wanted something nippy, easy to control with one hand, that folds down quickly and doesn't make you want to cry every time it takes you 10 frustrating minutes to unfold again and luckily I can say the Giggle has changed our perspective on strollers as it's so easy to use as well as being super stylish and it collapses and folds in literally seconds so no more frustrated faces here.

Cosatto stroller

Costatto stroller

Best of all is Mr G is so very comfy in it that he often falls of straight to sleep, allowing for myself to have a bit more time with Mr A. We decided to head off to Bute Park to have a proper run around and to let Mr A enjoy the nature inspired adventure course which involves lots of jumping, rope walking and what not, as well of course as some tree climbing fun. As you can probably tell he is very much into his camo at the moment and this weekend he wanted to be a park ranger, a role he takes pretty seriously.

outdoor fun

outdoor kids

It's very exciting seeing the change and dynamic in our family and days like this when all three of us get to go out and enjoy the simple things I wouldn't change for the world. The one thing I love about Cardiff is that we can blend city life and outdoor fun together seamlessly with the help of Bute Park and the Taff trail running through the heart of the city. It's also helped when things are made easier like having a decent stroller or sling as well as being organised with spare clothes and snacks because you never know when you are going to need them, either way life is always changing and all I know is these three boys keep me on my toes.

kid chic

spring flowers

I am apart of the Cosatto Ambassador program - views and opinions are 100% our own


  1. aww how cute does G look snuggled up! love the jumping pic too x

  2. Looks great! I love that pic of G fast asleep, sooooo cute!

  3. Oh that looks super smart! Your jumping photo is so cool, I managed it with 5 kids the other day but never done it with me!

  4. Love that stroller - what a fun print. Cosatto is a gorgeous brand. I used to love picnics at Bute Park when I was a uni student in Cardiff. Happy memories!

  5. Laura you are looking amazing!
    The Giggle looks fab, Mr G looks so cosy in it.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  6. This is a fab post, it's so cute to see Mr A marching around the park being a Park Ranger. The adventure trail sounds like a great place for little ones to burn off some energy, and who could go to the park without climbing a tree? Mr G looks like he enjoys getting some fresh air from the safety of that lovely stroller too. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  7. The jumping pic is fab! We loved our Giggle :) x

  8. Love the energy in that first pic - in fact all these pix are lovely and spring-like. Glad to hear you're getting back to your old self xx

  9. I love that Jumpingshot and so glad to hear that you're feeling more energised too. This stroller looks fab! Thanks for linking up to #styleinyourcity and hope to see you again in the next two weeks.. x


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