Our exotic and sporting travel wish list


Rimini beach
Me chilling in Rimini, Italy a few years ago

Between the both of us we have done a fair bit of travelling, I think it's 26 countries in total - Me mainly Europe, Africa and America and John has explored places such as Iceland, Maldives and the Dominican Republic but neither of us have gone to the Middle East or Asia yet which is very much on our travel wishlist. There is of course something very alluring about the Middle East and Asia not only because of the visual draw but also the cultural one, it really is different to the western world and  it's a part of the world we want to share with our children.

We also like to visit places that offer us some outdoor activities, something a little different, like surfing in Cape Town, fishing in the Maldives or snowboarding in France or Austria, it's things like this that we have really fond memories of and can be a great way to do something new together as a family.

On the slopes in France

We really hope to take Mr A snowboarding sometime in the next year as he has recently shown an interest in sports such as gymnastics and swimming as well as to our surprise golf - this may be because of how much he enjoyed putt-putt which he did for the first time this year when we went to Bluestones in West Wales. It made me think about the amazing Dubai holidays that offer things like golfing trips even for beginners, I can just imagine playing on the greens with the hot sun shining down and hopefully a nice cosmopolitain waiting for us (of course not Mr A) at every hole. You can also do sand boarding and dune driving in Dubai which sounds right up our street.


Other destinations on our wish list are

Japan - everything about Japan is just so different to that of the western world and is steeped in so much ancient history and culture it's place we would both love to visit. The food and fashion is also a draw as we are all fans of sushi (well veggie sushi in my case) as well as being the home of Judo, a sport I did for more than 14 years before injuring myself but I would love to visit some of the Dojos.

Thailand - I know this may be a bit predictable as whenever a person thinks of packing there bags and heading to South East Asia they think of Thailand but there is just so much beautiful places that allow you to reconnect with nature. We would love to visit some of the smaller islands and stay away from the bustle of the cities and enjoy snorkelling in the clear blue sea

Bali - I had a lot of friends who visited Bali on a regular basis in search of the perfect wave as the reefs of Bali produce some of the worlds best breaks and is a surfing haven. Having grown up in South African and then spending some time living in Cornwall I am a keen surfer when I have the time and being able to visit somewhere warm, cheap and easy going like Bali would be a dream.

Cuba - okay so not in Asia or the Middle East but still equally exotic and a place we would both really love to visit and take our children too before it eventually does become overly commercial and westernised. The music is a huge draw as is the food and the idea of dancing the night away is hugely appealing.

Easter Island - after having travelled by boat to St Helena, a very isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic, I am always drawn to equally remote places and the harder to get to the more we want to go. Mr A is fascinated by the huge Stone Head Statues. Trekking is popular on the island and very much encouraged, you can hire a guide and taking in some of the lesser known sights. This may be a place we will never get a chance to go to but it still sits strongly on our wish list non the less.

Me on Ascension Island 

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  1. I think I'm a weirdo as I don't have that urge to visit anywhere else other than where I'm at. At a push I'd love to hope over to Ireland. Great post though lovely. x

    1. It's great that you love were you are so much :)

      Laura x

  2. So jealous of the amount of crazy holidays you've been on, they look fab! I really want to visit the states again! xx

    1. The states is always a great place to visit - so much to see and do there


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