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map mural

Ever since I was young I have been drawn to maps, in fact I would stare at them for hours, dreaming of all the adventures I would take in the future and even with age things have not changed. I find maps not only intriguing but also beautiful and they make perfect focus points in any interior space, from the living room or kitchen to your child's bedroom. As travel is something that we as a family are all passionate about it only makes sense to bring our passion into the home which is why I love these stunning wall murals from Murals Wallpaper as they not only well designed but also fun and educational.

stylish kids room

I don't think our curiosity of far flung places and cultures will ever wain and it's something that Mr A enjoys learning about as well and I love showing him where Cape Town, my hometown is and how far away it is from Wales. It leads to many discussions as I show him the path I took from South Africa on a cargo ship back to the UK via the isolated island of St Helena and Ascension as he starts to make plans of his own ( he currently wants to go to Berlin, Russia, New York and South Africa). It's something I used to do with my Dad who went on a world-trip before my brother and I were born and I loved nothing more than hearing his stories of exotic places.

stylising travel interior

I am really hoping once we move house that we will have enough wall space in either our kitchen or Mr A's bedroom to place one of these large, stylish and fun maps as it makes such a great discussion point as well as bringing an element of design into any room.


  1. These are great, would always make you want to go on holiday though!

  2. I've never seen wallpaper like this before, I love it, I'd be forever planning my next trip though x

  3. love the second image so cool, i want it!!

  4. Oh wow I love maps too - I always wanted one I could have on the wall and stick pins in everywhere I had been.


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