Baby G at 6 weeks


Wow I cannot believe 6 weeks have already flown by since Mr G made his appearance into this world. I am not going to lie it's been a learning curve having two boys in the house and between healing from a c-section and a very active 4yr old it's not always been plain sailing but we are slowly getting into the groove of things.

The breast-feeding has been going extremely well, in fact couldn't of asked for it to go any better and I will share more about my journey breast feeding the second time around in a longer post soon. Mr A has found the change at times quite hard to understand and therefore deal with but its wonderful to see how much he loves his little brother and these moments are what make the sleepless nights worth it.

baby wearing

Mr G is very much a chilled out baby, he is far more windy than Mr A ever was but he is happy, loves to be held and carried around and really enjoyed bath time - no tears there. I have been really enjoying using my Papoozle wrap sling on all our adventures wether it be in the city or the countryside and even when we do take the pram out for longer family outings with John I always have my wrap packed just incase and it's so easy to use and extremely comfortable, I am really happy to have found one that works and doesn't make my back hurt.

Easter family

So we are slowly ploughing through the sleep deprivation and getting excited for spring and of course summer and all the fun things we have planned. Lots of mini breaks, nights away and some fun adventures, for now though I hope everyone had an amazing Easter


  1. Your two boys are absolutely adorable! It sounds like a bit of a juggling act but by the looks of it you're taking it all in your stride. Here's to all your upcoming adventures!! x

  2. Hope you had a lovely Easter, What gorgeous children you have! Mr G is a cutie! xo

  3. Glad to here the Papoozle is working for you :) Beautiful pictures too <3 The Papoozle Team :)

  4. Wow 6 weeks already! He is coming on well and such lovely photos of you as a family too :)

  5. aww, that first photo is so sweet.
    ps. love your jacket!

  6. I am glad that everything is going well for you all Laura, he is a cutie pie :) Can't wait to meet him!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  7. that wrap looks great, what a cute bunch you guys are x

  8. Oh, he's such a little love! What gorgeous photos, you all look so happy! Lovely :-)


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