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A healthier Easter

A healthier easter
Painted eggs, Supermilk Hotel Chocolat, Felted eggs, Wooden rabbit pegs.

Both John and I believe that everything should be done in moderation, of course we get one or two chocolate eggs for Mr A but Easter is certainly not about the mindless buying of copious amount of eggs, yet our easter egg hunts for the little man are always filled with excitement. 

We believe in less is more and rather buy one or two quality chocolate eggs such as this lower sugar Supermilk Facet Egg from Hotel Chocolat which has is 65% cocoa yet is still milky and made with much less sugar so a bit of win all round.

We also always bulk up the easter egg hunt with painted boiled eggs as well as one or two cute felted ones filled with little gifts such as a stamper or some crayons. Also how cute are these wooden rabbit pegs.

Healthier Easter

Last year we also made some treats with two of them being our favourite - Fruit and Nut balls and simple Easter biscuits which is a great way of getting creative with little ones in the kitchen as well as know exactly what your eating. The fruit and Nut balls are full of goodness as they are made up with apricots, dates, raisins, almonds and hazelnuts covered in 75% dark chocolate with no added nasties.

Do you have a chocolate free for all as it's the holidays or do you try keep everything in moderation?


  1. We do moderation too, the kids would have a mountain of chocolate if we didn't! Mine are getting new books this year from us.

    1. Books is such a good idea - perfect for Easter

      Laura x

  2. Oh gosh, if only. My little boy ate all his eggs this week! THey love a bit of chocolat here in France so it is kind of hard to get away from. Even harder to avoid on a diet...ahem.

    1. I know just what you mean - there are loads here in the UK as well

      laura x

  3. I try to keep everything in moderation but it can be hard with all the temptation around to just eat as many chocolate eggs as you can! x

  4. Chocolate all the way for me. I'm not one for eating healthily x

  5. I try to not buy too many eggs, one is enough for an adult. I made some Easter cakes instead and do a nice roast dinner. An Ester hunt is way more fun if you can keep a few gifts like crayons rather than edible things which will be gone in few days x

  6. My kids are older now, so they each get a gift that they want/need, nothing extravagant, and then they get candy. We don't keep candy or sweets in the house, so Easter and Christmas is a big deal for them. Obviously not just because of the candy. We try to keep the reason for the holiday and family time as the focus.


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