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Summer is coming soon and with the recent spell of sunny weather my instagram feed has been filled with photos of picnics and enjoying the outdoors, in fact we have enjoyed no less than three picnics in the past two weeks and how blissful it is to eat Alfresco in the sunshine and in this country we really need to make the most of any warm days.

Of course when eating al fresco or throwing a garden party you need to think not only about food but also what to offer guests in terms of drinks with things like Pimms and spritzers popping to mind as well as  Prosecco - a favorite sparkling wine of Venice throughout Italy. Prosecco really is the perfect social picnic companion with its bubbles and pleasant taste of sweet fruits, and it doesn’t break the bank, meaning you can still throw together a fabulous garden party or midday lunch on a budget.

Eating al fresco
Enjoying some family time eating outside in France last year

The reason why Prosecco is the sparkling wine of choice, not only due to it's budget friendly price but   also because it's perfect for a variety of cocktails, especially as it's not too sweet or two sharp making it perfect versatile base for mixing up something special for any outdoor occasion and not only for a picnic but birthday or celebration. Remember though that Prosecco unlike champagne does not age well so try and get a bottle from the last harvest or no older than two years in age. If you can see DOC on the label, it means that the wine is guaranteed to come from Italy. The most widespread of these regions is DOC Prosecco and the most prestigious one is DOCG Conegliano ValdobbiadeneProsecco.

Garden Party and Picnic Must Haves

On a beautiful day why not make an effort and set the scene for some fun outdoor eating and entertaining by putting up some bunting in the garden. Also it's worth picking up a good quality rug to place on the grass, even if your sitting on seats it's great for children. Having a stylish picnic basket and plates is perfect for adventures further afield. Also if your going to be sitting out in the sun all day it's worth having a nice pair of sunglasses and fedora hat to keep with the care-free summer feel.

Picnic style

My picnic wishlist

1. Beautiful Picnic basket with plates
2. Picnic striped watercolour mug from Anthropologie £10
3. Jaipur picnic throw from Nordstrom £31
4. Keds champion picnic shoes £33
5. Picnic Fedora
6. Pink flute from CB2 £2

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  1. Some lovely ideas here for outdoor entertaining. my Mum is very partial to Prosecco, she always orders it when we go out! x

  2. oh nothing beats garden picnics!" Esp if they include a glass of prosecco!

  3. Love your must-haves! I've been on many picnics, but never with prosecco.... Time to change that!

  4. I love the picnic set, there is something so nice about relaxing in the sun with good food and as Polly has said, some Prosecco x

  5. Here in Japan the only chance we have for picnics is in the spring, i.e. for the next month of so and then it'll get too hot to spend any time outside. Can't wait to be back in Brighton in August and go down to the beach with a full picnic hamper and some Prosecco (or cider).

  6. I love picnics - especially ones with some Pimms, Prosecco or some North European cider. :) But, here in Japan, we can only have picnics now (in the spring) as in about a month or so it'll be too hot for anyone wanting to go outside.

  7. I could totally do with a picnic right now :) - The set is gorgeous too

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  8. I LOVE prosecco, particularly when it's one ingredient in an amaretto sour - my favourite cocktail!


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