Instafood and interiors



So I thought it was time to do a little instagram roundup as life lately has seemed to be filled with food, family and interiors and wanted to share this with you.

1. Reading Petter Rabbit, a classic - we love collecting books, they are everywhere in our house
2. Having a lazy sunday and enjoying my new bedding
3. Beautiful simple flowers in my mothers house
4. Enjoyed some delicious food at Wyndham Tea in Cardiff
5. Have been shopping for some prints for the home
6. The little man growing
7. Our rarely clean kitchen as we get the house ready to sell
8. Made some homemade swiss muesli
9. Excited to start using my new Le Creuset casserole dish - slow cooking here we come


  1. Little man is growing fast!! Hoping I get t meet him soon! Two Hearts One Roof

  2. I've been loving daffodils too this week- gorgeous pictures, must find our Beatrix Potter books!


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