Snippets of my mothers home


pretty door

By the time I turned 4yrs old I had already moved house 6 times as my parents loved buying wrecks and doing them up, selling them and moving on. They believed that property was the way forward in terms of investment and when we eventually settled down when I was 5 when they bought the place I called "home" (which was also a wreck) pretty much mortgage free. Once my brother and I had reached our late teens they decided it was time for another project as our current home was finally finished and boredom had set in so they sold up again while I moved over to the UK in search of my own adventures.


More than 10 years on and and many things have changed, my mother now lives in the UK and after retiring 3 years ago has thrown herself into another property challenge which has not fazed her at all even though she is in her late sixties. She bought this beautiful but very tired and neglected Victorian Bay fronted home 2 years ago with major work needing to be done throughout. What always blows me away is my mothers can-do attitude, of course with things like wiring and plumbing she gets professionals in but she has pretty much stripped every rooms of its terrible wallpaper, painted throughout, pulled up carpet, sanded floorboards, up-cycled loads of furniture and has even mastered a tiling machine and tiled the kitchen. Having to work with a very very small budget she has already managed to transform some of the rooms, with the help of some of our furniture from South Africa.

bay fronted

There is still so much to do but the living room and dining space as well as the hallway and kitchen are almost finished. As always I am learning so much from her journey while we get our own house ready to put on the market. I have to admit I find it hard to stay still for too long, this is perhaps because of my upbringing as well as the need to constant change,  but I see that as a good thing and hopefully there will be many adventures in the future.


  1. lovely photos, must be nice having your mum in the UK. My Dad still lives in the house I grew up in - love going back there!

  2. Ah it looks lovely. It must be so nice having your mum in the UK :) x

  3. The house we live in now was the 30th time I've moved house in just under 40 years, so I know a thing about different homes. I love seeing your Mum's house here, it really gives a nice sense of where you've 'come from' I guess. She has a lovely home.

  4. Wow, beautiful home, your mum is very inspirational and I love her style!

  5. Looks like a really nice house there, I like how it's been decorated x

  6. Ah lovely :) Like others have said, it must be lovely having her here too :)

  7. Your mum sounds like such an amazing lady; what an inspiration! Looks like such a lovely house too. My parents also moved around a lot when I was younger as they loved building houses then moving on to the next project. Not sure yet if I feel the same x

  8. Ahh, I love the front door and the beautiful floorboards. What a beautiful home - and so light and bright!


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