Street Style Sunday - Spring/Summer Transition


Barbour shirt
John wears - summer Ralph Lauren jacket & shirt, I  wear - light Urban Outfitters jacket & Barbour shirt

I always find this a really odd time of the year, it's neither warm or cold but fluctuates either way on a daily basis leaving you not really know what to wear, which is why I think Mr A came down with such bad tonsillitis this past week as we had a few blissfully summery days but still with a chill in the air and trying to keep a 4yr old to wear his jumpers when he running around in the park and sun is out a near impossibility.

bearded man
John wearing a thin spring/summer Post Overalls Jacket

As we have been stuck in the house nearly all week because of Mr A being so unwell it meant no chance for an outfit post so every now and then I like to go back see what we were wearing this time last year and just like the weather it too fluctuates from thin jackets and shirts to short sleeve t-shirts and even shorts.

Joules dress
Me - HM Polka Dot shirt, Topshop jeans, Holster sandals. Denim Joules dress, Cheeky shoes

In a way it can be quite fun as you can really mix and match this time of the year from a sleeveless top with black jeans to a denim tunic depending on the daily weather. Either way with all this recent sunshine I really cannot wait to summer to arrive and my aim this year is to bring more colour into my life and more skirts for that matter.

New balance trainers
The boys enjoying this time last year

I hope you can come and join in with Street Style Sunday and share what you have been wearing this week or simply what has been inspiring you.


  1. The weather this time of year is great, can walk around in just a t shirt which i love. I'm still wearing jeans, haven't made it to shorts just yet x

  2. I love a waxed jack for this time of year, nice and light but waterproof for showers x

  3. Enjoying all of John's outfits, really like the blue blazer. Nice one!

    Buckets & Spades


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