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Caerphilly Castle Adventure

Toddler outdoor fun

We have been making the most of each and ever dry day and last week we all decided to jump in the car and head to a Castle - our first thought being Cardiff Castle but with the Joust on we decided to stay away from the maddening crowds and went with Caerphilly as it's been a while since we have been there and with the moat and circular walk around the castle it allows for a lot of space for Mr A to run off all his energy.

outdoor fun

Before heading into the castle we had a little picnic on beaches around the moat, with lovely views to the castle and with ducks walking past and some bamboo for Mr A to crawl through it was a great way to start the day before going inside and exploring. We climbed all the towers, walked on the walls, pretended to shoot crossbows across the moat and ran around on the grass playing catch. It was one of those simple days, picnic and outdoor fun, is there really anything better?

Caerphilly Castle

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks like a beautiful castle - our 3yo loves drawing castles (for Princess Elsa to live in) so we should totally take her to one. Might plan a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent as it has a cool maze! :)

  2. I love your photos of castles! I need to plan a trip to Europe sometime. . .

  3. Gorgeous photo of Mr A at the end! As you say a perfect family day out with all those simple activities that make the day special. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  4. ooh, never been to caerphilly castle before! looks lovely, and that second photo is so cute!

  5. It looks beautiful, Mr C loves castles so if we are even in Wales we will have to visit there x

  6. I love that second photo down, it looks so retro! Love his little homemade sword too! x

  7. I love castles! We haven't explored a castle yet but i am going to make sure we do this summer :)

  8. We've been looking for a castle to go to for ages, this looks like a beauty. I can't wait to take F and explore it. x

  9. I love it here and I've not been for years. I like Chepstow too, lots going on there x

  10. We love Caerphilly Castle. I do love how we are spolit for choice of castles in Wales. You never have to travel far to explore around some beautiful settings.
    Caerphilly Castle do a brilliant fireworks display too, no charge, its a great evening out.

  11. I have a question - I want my girls to visit a castle when we are home visiting but will probably only have time for one. Cardiff, Caerphilly or Castle Coch? which would be your choice. My girls are 12,7 and 5 and the 2 little ones have never visited a castle.

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