Give Your Home a Makeover this Spring


spring flowers

As the winter months come to a close, spring is just around the corner. It's time to think about refreshing your home and breathing new life into your living space. You'll begin with a thorough cleaning, clearing out the dust, shampooing your rugs, and scrubbing the entire place from top to bottom. It's also the ideal time to give your home a facelift. With some simple changes, you can really liven up your haven.

Shake Things Up

As you're running through your home, tidying up, consider ways that you can experiment with your furniture arrangements. Bring down that treasured piece from the attic and pack others away. Consider buying that wicker patio furniture you've been eying. Trade your furnishing from one room for another. They say that change is good. See what it can do to revitalize your home.

white interior

Change Your Color Scheme

If you're tired of looking at the same colors on your walls, give your interior a paint job. You can go with bold contrasts or choose a scheme that will complement your furnishing. Add accents, such as throws, pillows, and new curtains that will blend with the new hues on your walls.

Renovate Your Flooring

Now is a great time to give your floors an overhaul as well. You can pick up an inexpensive rug to change the entire feel of a room. If you have hardwood floors, consider a new stain. If your wood flooring is unfinished, hidden by a rug, sand it down and coat it with stain for a rich, warm atmosphere. New tile or laminate can make an attractive new addition as well.

colourful interior
I want to change up our living space a bit this spring

Open Up Your Living Space

If your home is cluttered, get rid of anything that you don't need. Put items in storage. Recycle and pass on furnishings that you don't want anymore. Make sure that everything is in its place. If you tend to have lots of little items scattered everywhere, consider packing some of them away simply to give yourself more open space. You will discover that the less is better when it comes to home d├ęcor. A simple, streamlined look can really make you feel like you have more room to work with. You will also find it easier to keep your home clean when you cut back on your accents or extras.

colourful lights

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  1. It is truly the season for daffodils!

  2. Love the daffodils and the cotton and cable lights too! Iwould love to get a peakcock chair! x

  3. Beautiful flowers. Love the colour contrasts in these pics

  4. I really want to brighten up my house but then we also want to move so I can't really be bothered to do anything! x

  5. Your candle picture has inspired me - I'm off to Glastonbury to mooch around the lovely shops and buy some new candles :-)

  6. The flowers look great. You have inspired me to go flower shopping this week.

  7. Aww love the little man's eukelele (sp?). I've just bought one for my kids. Fab tips xx

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