Preparation Can Save Travellers Time and Money


train travel
We use our two together train card and always travel off-peak for the best prices

Travelling is a hobby that strikes people of all ages. Experiencing the culture and imagination of any city or location can inspire even the most wide-eyed of tourists. However, travelling can be expensive and travelling abroad can get out of hand quickly. Hotels, airfares, rental cars, and sightseeing expenses can quickly tap the budget of any traveller. Finding cheap hotels in London is completely possible by using the right mix of travel dates, location, and public transportation.

family travel
We are always flexible with dates and travel to London/Brussels at a quiet time of the year

Travel Dates

One of the best keep secrets in the travel world is that dates and times of the year matter. Researching the destination and getting online quotes for a number of dates can reveal some pretty steep discounts during slow times. Since London is pretty much busy all year, it can be tough to shave a few bucks off the daily rates, but a bit of trial and error can present some savings.


When it comes to travel, hotels located close to tourist destinations tend to cost a little more than others further away. Location matters in the realm of convenience, and hotels charge accordingly. Therefore, staying a little further from the heart of the city can save a ton of cash for travellers trying to keep the budget reasonable. Another option is to stay at a backpackers or a budget hotel chain. Cities like London offer landmarks and great experiences across a vast area, which means every location is pretty much a good one.

budget hotel
Staying at budget hotel chains is a good option for families in a city like London

Public Transportation

Not every city is equipped with effective and complete public transportation. Luckily, London has a tremendous public transportation system that can shuffle people around with little difficulty. Downloading an app to double-check schedules and plan routes is a big help as well. However, experiencing the city on foot is also a great way to uncover some out of the way places and restaurants many tourists never see.

active in the park
Remember to have fun when travelling

In the end, the combination of travel dates, location, and taking advantage of public transportation can save travellers some money when it comes to keeping hotel prices down. London offers many different options for accommodations and if you want to explore further afield and this applies to all cities especially if you are travelling in Europe, you need to make sure you have a valid international driving permit for the UK

Checking out the hotel options with different dates can reveal some impressive deals. Plus taking a few days to get familiar with the train and bus system before embarking on the trip will pay off huge dividends in time savings during the trip. In the end, the prepared tourist gets to see a bit more at a better price.

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  1. Great tips lovely, thank you! xx

  2. We book overnight stays in London quite often and you can get some great deals. I also love the fact that you can now swipe your contactless Visa on the turnstile son the underground to pay which makes public transport SO much easier!

  3. Great tips Laura. Have to say we find travelling with our two a major upheaval but it is a lot easier now we don't have to lug the pram / potties/ boxes of nappies etc.

  4. Using public transport as a sightseeing bus is great too. Tram 2 in Budapest is great and 24, 11 and 9 are all good buses in London

  5. Some really useful tips here. We haven't really done any travelling, other than a weekend in Paris before the kids (which we did not prepare well for!) but these will be really useful as we are hoping for a few weekends away in the next couple of years!


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