Beautiful floors


stunning hallway
simply beautiful floor tiles (image)

Sometimes we overlook how important the floors in our homes are, they cover such a large space and yet they are often left to neglect or covered with bland carpeting. They can as much as a focal point as anything else and should help bring the room together.

There are a few key things to consider when it comes to flooring

Original Tiles

Starting with my first pet hate - you see beautiful Victorian properties such as the one above where people have actually ripped out the original tiles (which in my eyes should not be allowed), it's really not hard to have them restored and they are usually far higher quality than anything you can buy today and add to the character of the property. Also if the print is fairly bold style your hallway simply, keeping closing colours to a minimum such as painting the walls white as above and complementing the tiles with some fresh house plants of a similar shade

slate tiles
Beautiful slate flooring (image)

Slate flooring

I have to say I do have a soft spot for traditional terrace houses and welsh slate, it needs to be done right as it can be a dark colour to place on your floor but can create a real impact and is very hard wearing and easy to clean, in fact this is what we have in our hallway at the moment and it's brightened up by a long woven runner.

exposed floorboards
love the natural feel of wood (image)

Wooden flooring

Probably my favourite type of flooring which may be down to the fact it reminds me of my childhood so much. I grew up in a beautiful home with wooden flooring throughout and I always loved how warm and natural it felt under your feet. It really saddens me when people carpet over floorboards when often all it needs is a good sanding to create a stunning effect. It's the perfect type of flooring for a family due to it being so versatile and if your room is low on colour than adding a colourful rug can help. If you don't have floorboards laid down don't despair as you can have real solid oak flooring laid down at reasonable prices that are incredibly hard wearing, far more so than carpet.
I also love that you can customise wooden flooring white a wonderful white wash - this effect works particularly well in bathrooms and bedrooms and adds an element of Parisian chic to any room.

whitewash wooden floors
I love these white washed exposed wooden floorboards (image)

What kind of flooring if your favourite and what do you have in your house at the moment?

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  1. I love the second type of flooring most :) When I have my own flat I'll do it like that. My mum loves wood though.

    1. I agree the slate is lovely - but like your mother I love wooden floors as well

      Laura x

  2. I love those original tiles! I dream of having lovely flooring but stuck with carpet for now.
    Jilly x

    1. I know me too Jilly - those original floor tiles are beautiful

      Laura x

  3. I love original flooring that has been restored and brought to life. We have all wood in out house which seems a little boring compared to some of these.

  4. We have a modern house with concrete and lino floors - probably not the most interesting but practical with a large family!

  5. They're so gorgeous!!! I wish we had the money to make this house awesome - we do have solid oak floors running through downstairs (antique colour) but if we had a bigger and nicer house I'd love to do more with it :)

    Mummy Pixie

  6. These floorings are gorgeous! My personal favorite is hardwood flooring. One of my friend had recently renovated her home with this amazing wooden floors. They look so elegant and beautiful and now even I am planning to have them in my house

  7. Beautiful, check out our wood flooring collections, you may like some of them.


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