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How amazing is this men's wardrobe, so better than mine (image)

Let me guess…

Your other half want to build a suit wardrobe but doesn't know where to begin. Of course, there is a ton of information available online about how you should dress and what to buy but it’s often confusing and overwhelming than helping you to decode men’s styling. In short, it sucks, doesn’t it?

But you’re not alone. There are terrible fashion faux pas that many men make, including both mortals and celebrities.

When it comes to building a suit wardrobe, you need to be strategic and plan it out. Now, a quality suit is expensive and you will need more than one in your wardrobe. And this can burn a hole in your pocket. To resolve this dilemma it is crucial to decide which suits to buy first. In this post we are going to rank suit colors, starting with the most useful and versatile so that you can prioritize as per your budget to build a functional suit wardrobe.

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In vesting in quality mean your clothes will last much longer

1. Navy Blue

The versatile and de facto color for men’s suits, navy blue should be your first choice when building a formal wardrobe. In fact, this color edges out any other color, including charcoal grey throughout the United States when it comes to suit color.

Navy suits are one of the best options for business wear and ideal for men of all age who want to fit in. The color offers a unique advantage that makes it a discerning item in suit-wearers’ closets. Navy blue is a ‘young’ color that provides the wearer an impression of youthfulness. It is therefore quite obvious that both veteran dressers and first-time suit buyers prefer to keep the benefits of navy blue suits while building their wardrobes.

In addition, it is a simple and straightforward color and it is easier to customize a navy suit by adding a few fashion forward details.

2. Charcoal Grey

A charcoal grey suit is as versatile as navy. However, it offers one advantage of navy suit, i.e. this color is more suitable for a younger man as it makes him look a little more mature. Besides, it is exceptionally easy to match a charcoal grey suit. This is a neutral color and firmly on the grayscale. You can therefore wear it with various colors and become more adventurous your shirts and ties.
You can wear this suit to work, business meetings, weddings, church, or funerals. 


3. Medium & Light Grey

A medium grey suit is a little lighter than charcoal and it is almost similar to Cambridge grey in terms of versatility. However a medium grey suit lacks the formal touch of a navy blue and charcoal grey suit. That being said, you need to worry about it at all as hardly a few people can tell the difference.

A light grey suit, on the other hand, is distinctively lighter than other shades of grey and it is a good choice during spring, summer and fall. However, a light grey suit should never be your first-suit as is more casual. Consider buying this only after you have the other “basic suit colors” in your wardrobe.

This suit provides ample opportunities to add patterns such as herringbone or checks into your wardrobe.

4. Dark Brown

If you have a darker complexion and dark hair to compliment your good looks, a dark brown suit is a must-have. In fact, this color can also be worn by blonds and redheads with ruddier complexions. Dark brown is effective enough in adding some color to your closet but remember that this is not really a formal suit.

It is advised to stay away from dark brown suits if you have some formal events to attain or if the event has strict business dress code.

In terms of color mixing, a dark brown suit works well with a pale blue and pale lavender/pink dress shirt. A white or beige dress shirt will also look good with this suit. For more casual look, you can combine it with whit gingham shirt and tan/black turtleneck sweater. 

Very organised suit wardrobe (image)

5. Black Suit

More traditional and less versatile, a black suit is a good investment when you have more formal events (with strict dress codes) to attain. One major disadvantage with black is that it does not work with every skin type, for example, it looks flattering on men with dark hair and darker complexion. However, redheads and men with lighter complexions must avoid this color.

When it comes to decide shirt and tie combination with a black suit, options are unlimited. But consider that the contrast will be stark, no matter how subtle the color it. One thumb of rule you must follow here is that never wear solid black suits for professional and business activities. In fact, save your black suit for the most formal occasions like a black tie event and funerals

6. Tan/Khaki Suit

Khaki is the new black and is the haute new colour for of the season. In fact, they are ideal as your summer suit and can surplant your brown suit in terms of versatility. Here are some lookbook inspirations for your tan/khaki suit.

Nothing can spice up your wardrobe like a khaki suit; it looks great put together and also works amazingly well as separates, especially the jacket. But remember that thing got to fit as the light-colored jacket is much less forgiving and the silhouette must be spot on slim. 

John wearing a white shirt in the South of France

7. White

Be very selective with this color and it is better left alone unless you have a personality like Roger Moore, Ralph Lauren, Tom Wolfe or Leonardo DiCaprio. You will, for sure, draw a lot of attention with a white suit. But if you want a contemporary Gatsby look, invest is a quality white linen suit.
You could however opt for a white shirt instead for a more casual look.

An Additional Tip

There is another major thing you must consider when buying your formal clothes, i.e. tailoring. When buying suits, it is recommended to opt for tailored items. A well-fit suit will complement your body shape and size.

Unfortunately, tailored items are expensive and often out of the reach of average shoppers, but not anymore. For example, online retail stores like OwnOnly, offers an affordable line of bespoke business and casual suits for men. This e-store offers completely customizable suits and dress shirts for men with a guarantee of both fit and style. You can therefore invest in quality items without breaking your bank. 

suit jacket
John having fun in a casual Ralph Lauren blue suit jacket

Congratulations, you now know everything you need to buy your new suits! Remember that building your suit wardrobe is a long term investment and will take some time to complete. Be strategic, you don’t have to buy everything now and also always remember to have fun, take some risks and feel good in what your wearing.

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  1. Some great tips! My husband is 6ft 5, and finds it very hard to find anything that fits properly on the high street, he always has to go to custom made sites. xx

  2. Great tips! My husband loves suit and the preppy style so 'll have to show him this.


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