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I recently joined the Netflix stream team and I am really excited to put together my first post of what we have been watching and indulging in. I cannot believe the selection and have been really spoilt for choice, I have found that we have both been watching a lot of documentaries and things we perhaps would not normally watch. This week I thought I would share what has been inspiring wanderlust in us, as you know we love to travel so these films are a feast for the eyes culture wise.

splinters documentary


A surfing documentary about a small and fairly isolated part of Papa New Guinea where the waves are amazing and unlike other surfing hotspots of the world, pretty known and uncrowded. The documentary follows the local community most of who are unemployed or on low income, with some of the younger kids surfing on planks of wood - hence the name splinters. It's an inspiring documentary which follows the first National Papa New Guinea surf competition and this far-flung communities love of the sport.

Bali bicycle

Eat, Pray, Love

Now I know for some this is simply too much of a fluff romantic film to get into but one thing is for sure it's a feast for the wanderlust eyes as Julia Roberts character spends time in New York, Italy, India and Bali, indulging in the food and culture of each country and city. The colours are bright and saturated pulling you into each place on her travels. It made me want to get out the map and make some longterm travel plans

festival love

Taking Woodstock

Nothing captures summer like a good festival. Hitting the road with a tent in the boot, camping stove and a sense of adventure. We love to try out new festivals each year and after watching Taking Woodstock a summer full of music and fun is very much on our mind. Taking Woodstock is very loosely based on the story of how the Woodstock festival came to be, it's pretty light but full of love and good vibes and is the perfect summer road trip flick.

backpacking travels

Into the Wild

A slightly heavier film that has been responsible for a lot of young men suddenly grabbing a backpack and heading out onto the road in search for something deeper. Telling the story of Christopher McCandless travels across North America and Alaska with the aim to live off the land and wilderness and to achieve a simpler life for himself. It's inspiring but also hits reality pretty hard in parts and has a really good soundtrack by Eddie Vedder, which was in fact my travel soundtrack for the most part of the two years I spent on the road.

Paris adventure

Le Week-end

A fun, comical but also emotional little film about an ageing couple who revisit the city of Paris, the place they honeymooned 30 years hoping to rejuvenate their marriage. It;s quirky with lots of mishaps along the way while still dealing with some emotional issues in a very palatable way with the beautiful French capital as a backdrop. I really enjoyed this film and would watch it again, although I makes me want to jump straight on to the Eurostar for a little jaunt in the city of lights.

What films inspire wanderlust in you?


  1. These look interesting to watch. Splinters looks really good x

  2. Into the Wild reminds me of my trip to NZ. It was on the coach when I travelled from Auckland to Wellington. I like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, some beautiful locations in that movie.

  3. What brilliant picks! I thought that Into the Wild was a stunning film, and that surfing doc looks really interesting - I can imagine Mr.G and I checking that out soon. And I LOVE that you chose Le Weekend too - one of the first movies done by my husband's film company that he began 3 years ago when our son was born! It really did have some stunning shots of Paris life (and Jeff Goldblum, too funny!). I love evocative films like these - I loved Last Night in Paris, a Woody Allen movie, and L'Appartement with the smouldering pairing of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassell.
    (would love to invite you to link this and any other posts you fancy to the #AllAboutYou linkup live from Tuesday morning on Mama-andmore.com)

  4. Oh I love all of these! INto the WIld is stunning xx


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