Simple Sunday interiors


chic bedroom

Oh how I dream of lie-ins in such a comfy looking bed (image)

I have to say we love Sundays in our household, it usually starts out pretty lazy, well as lazy as one can be with a 4yr old who is ready for action from the get go. We usually start the day with some homemade pancakes, some fresh coffee and hopefully lots of laughing, although with our new arrival, Baby G, this Sunday was anything but relaxing, in fact we were totally sleep deprived.
The little guy had been up pretty much all night and we both looked a little bit worst for wear but our heart filled with love. Sundays are still our best day of the week, when family time really comes together, even though it won't be so lazy as before I am loving these interiors and they capture my idea of a Sunday morning perfectly

Nothing beats a lazy breakfast in bed (image)

simple Sunday interiors
Simple Sundays with flowers in the home is what I dream of (image)

Love this simple Scandi kitchen table (image)


  1. Lovely images Laura, sorry you had a tired Sunday morning but so happy for you xx

  2. ugh, i've been wanting to stay in bed all of the time lately! hope you all are doing well :)

  3. I really love the picture above the bed in that first pic - gorgeous!

  4. That picture is brilliant - do you think if I put it in the toddler's room she'll take on board the message? ;-) x


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