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If you know someone who is into drawing, painting, sculpting or any other art form chances are you want to encourage their hobby. If they have a birthday coming up, other special occasion or you simply want to show your support try getting them one of the following gifts to really encourage them. A lot of the following products are available on Artifolk

Guidance DVDs

There are lots of instructional DVDs for all kinds of art forms out there. This is a great way to teach the basics and also develop different techniques. But if you think your friend is already too proficient in their art form to benefit you might want to gift them a DVD which offers instructions on a discipline they haven’t had much practice in.

Inspirational Books

As well as instructional books, you can also get books all about the lives and works of famous artists which will offer inspiration. It’s a good idea to buy a book on a contemporary artist rather than one from the far-off past, that way your friend may be able to relate to the subject more.

Starter Set

If your friend is a beginner to their specialism you may want to get them a starter set which will include the materials they need to progress in the hobby.


A portfolio is a must-have for any aspiring artist. A nice place to display their artwork is very important. This is a great way to prove how much you believe in the work that they are creating.

Magazine Subscriptions

There are a variety of magazines available which are aimed specifically at artists. Get a gift subscription to a magazine such as International Artist, Aesthetica or The Artist’s Magazine for frequent tips, advice and inspiration direct to their door.

Tickets to an Exhibition

Another inspirational gift would be to take your friend to an exhibition which you think will give them ideas about their own craft. Alternatively, you could get them a gift membership to a gallery such as the Tate and they can enjoy the benefits all year round.

Hopefully these gifts will allow your friend to flourish as an artist and you can claim to be their most generous patron!

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  1. What a lot of lovely ideas! I love magazine subscriptions, but no one has ever thought to give me one - I clearly need to put it on a list!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jo :) So glad you like the list

  2. Me too, I love magazine subscription and books - they always make an ideal present for me (anyone listening). Starter sets are also a great idea!

  3. Really Love your photograph's xx

  4. I really want to get more of the kids' artwork on to the walls and create a bit more of a 'gallery' in the home. Great ideas x

  5. I love these ideas, so different from the usual suggested ideas :-)

  6. love that top image, perfect gallery wall! x

  7. I used to have a membership to the Tate modern which was a present and I loved it. Great gift ideas here x

  8. Great ideas, I love the idea of giving someone a portfolio to showcase their talent, what a sweet gift idea x


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