A crafty Afternoon with Brecon Carreg


recycled crafts

Last month we were invited to a wonderful afternoon full of fun, crafts and good food at one of our favourite spots in the city centre - Wyndham Tea. This family friendly event was put together by Brecon Carreg who did an amazing job of putting together a simple but creative craft using recycled Brecon bottles that was perfect for little fingers. First of all however was lunch, which was fresh, healthy and gave us a chance to sit down and chat to other bloggers before the craft session started.


Wydham tea

After so delicious food and of course a cup of herbal tea all the kids settled around a big table and got stuck in. Cutting, sticking, painting and everything in-between their creations slowly came together. Mr A decided to make his favourite animal - a Giraffe and he was very proud with his end result. Being heavily pregnant at the time it was lovely to be able to do something with him together and it was lovely that John could join us as well for the perfect family afternoon.

kids painting

All the kids really enjoyed themselves and I love how no two crafts were the same. At the end of the session there was a fun water inspired quiz as well as sheets providing more recycled craft ideas to try at home. Of course there had to be a treat for all the hard work so out came the cakes and what yummy cakes they were, I have tried Wyndham cakes before and believe me you won't be disappointed.

animal craft
Mr A's Giraffe 

cake time
The kids waiting for cake

 It's always lovely when events like this happen in Cardiff, especially when it supports a home-grown company such as Brecon Carreg water which is based in Wales and encourages kids to drink natural still water as well as having the chance to catch up with local bloggers and creatives and have a relaxing and fun day out.


  1. It sounds like a lovely event and it's good to have events outside London to go to. Better still if it's a local company. Loving Mr.A's giraffe.

    1. Hi Erica, I know it's lovely going to local events :)
      Thanks Laura x

  2. I wish I knew about this in advance! My niece and nephew's would of loved to come along!
    Really glad you had an amazing day, and your dinner looks so yummy!

    Made some DIY lipsticks out of Crayons for Mothers Day :)

    1. You would of loved it - was a wonderful was to spend an afternoon in Cardiff

      Laura x

  3. This looked fun! Mummy loves events in Cardiff, as it's not too far from Pembrokeshire! x

    1. Yes they are great - hopefully see you at a local one soon :)

      Laura x

  4. This looks like a lovely family event and the lunch looks delicious! Mr. A's giraffe looks great too! xx


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