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Nespresso coffee

I was recently invited to amazing little coffee workshop event at one of my favourite places to grab a cuppa - Wyndham Tea (part of the home-grown Waterloo Tea houses) in the Arcades in Cardiff. The event was being put on my Currys and I really didn't know what to expect but there was a fantastic turnout and it's always really exciting to see something like this come to Cardiff with a few bloggers travelling from Bristol and further afield.

It started at midday and as soon as I arrived I was greeted with a delicious de-caff iced coffee which I really need to learn how to recreate at home. The room was setup into Stations and we were all split into smaller groups to allow us to get as much out of the day as possible, First up was Latte Art and I have to say even though my attempts were unsuccessful I had a lot of fun in the process as well as learning more about how important a good Coffee grinder is, the process of making coffee decaffeinated and how temperamental soya milk can be from one of there most knowledgable Baristas.

Wyndham Tea

Decaff coffee

Waterloo Tea Cardiff

After the Latte Art it was onto the "cupping" station where you simply have a small taste of different coffees and try to attune your tastebuds to the finer aromas of each one. It was really interesting and even though I only drink decaff they had arranged three different types for me to try.

Cocktail ingredients

fresh fruit

Next up was probably the most popular station - The Coffee Cocktail table, well in my case a mocktail. The mixologist came up with some very interesting concoctions and I loved the use of various fresh fruits, as well the creamy toblerone chocolate coffee cocktail - yum yum. Last but not least was an in-depth talk and demo into the different types of Nespresso machines and pods available and how they ethically source the coffee (which is very good to know).

They had kindly organised a feast of fresh food for lunch, in fact some of the best I have had in Cardiff, everything was so fresh with my favourite dish being the Kale and cashew stirfry and little hummus tarts and if you felt a little bit coffee'd out you could grab one of Waterloo loose leaf teas. There was also a beautiful array of homemade cakes and I simply couldn't resist the Carrot cake - so good. It was fantastic seeing so many bloggers, getting to have a chat with everyone and enjoying some coffee and cake - pretty much a perfect day if you ask me.

Cashew stirfry

Polenta cake

Thanks so much to Currys for inviting me to this event


  1. Oh my goodness I'm so jealous, it looks like you had a great time (who'd blame you).

    Hugs Michelle ||

    1. Hi Michelle - was really lovely - thanks so much for stopping by the blog

      Laura x

  2. Oh my gosh, sounded absolutely mouthwatering. I really want to know how to make a latte.

  3. Ok this all sounds great and the post is brilliant but OMG your pictures are amazing :) x

  4. Sounds really interesting, especially the coffee cocktail table - yum! x

  5. I really like it when people get together and share views.
    Great site, continue the good work!


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