Pregnancy update - 31 weeks


Wow I literally cannot believe that I am already 31 weeks pregnant - time has flown by unlike the first time round which seem to take forever but now I feel like I am running out of time to get things sorted such as the nursery and finishing the house. Saying that this week is all about relaxing and enjoying our last Christmas as a family of three and I thought I would make a little vlog about what has been happening over the past few weeks and the lovely things inside my ProjectB box this month as well as getting a few things in place such as the Totsbots reusable nappies which I cannot wait to use, especially the newborn birthday printed one - it's so cute.

totsbots reusable nappy
How cute is this TotsBots reusable newborn nappy 

We used reusable nappies for around 6 months with Mr A but they ones we bought kept leaking all them time and we struggled with finding the correct size as Mr A had a really small waist - it meant they were fine for when we where at home but not practical out and about but we are really hoping that the Totsbots are going to give us more flexibility and we have heard great things about them. I expect for the first two weeks or so we will probably use a mixture of reusables and disposables only because newborns are so small and the all in one sizes nappies will probably bit a little large but overall I cannot wait to get stuck into the ethical and frugal (they really do save you money) nappies.

Alcohol-free wine
The Eisbery Alcohol-free wine has gone down a treat in our house 

maternity box
ProjectB Box - relax

As you can see the Eisberg Alcohol-free wine has gone down a treat this week - it's literally been months since anything vaguely resembling wine has reached my lips so having this included in this months ProjectB box was fantastic. There were also a few other useful and very much appreciated products such as the lovely Maternelle bath soak and tranquility candle and as I have been suffering with back pain it was so lovely to just lie back in a bath and let my troubles float away. I am also keen to try out this YogaBellies DVD which I am going to put on first thing after the indulgent festive period.

I was kindly sent the ProjectB box and Totsbots nappies to do an honest review.


    hehhehe good luck, the baby is coming soon!!! Yay!!!!

    1. It is really cute isn't it. Thanks for stopping by Paola

  2. Such a lovely update, I really enjoyed watching the video. Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy x

  3. I loved Tots Bots when Flo was a baby! That ProjectB box always looks so lovely.

  4. Not long to go!! Good luck! (and that non alcoholic wine looks great!)

  5. aww so cute Laura you are so good in front of the camera. We used Tots Bots with Wilf and loved them! x


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