Dreaming of a Christmas in Kefalonia, Greece


Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

I have been to Greece a few times with my parents - we generally avoided large resorts and enjoyed Island hoping to some of the smaller islands such as Poros and Hydra being two of my favourite and I have some very fond memories of our times there, including coming across a beautiful secluded restaurant 2 miles up a hill through a lemon grove, no other customers were there and the owner made us feel so welcome and cooked us a real feast, he then showed us a nearby waterfall, it was one of those magical days.

I would love to return to Greece with John and the little man as there are so many places to visit and with such friendly locals, warm weather, blue sea and wonderful food what more could you ask for in a holiday destination. I am particularly drawn to Kefalonia as even though it's one of the larger Ionia Islands it's actually one of the less inhabited and is great for a quiet, relaxed and outdoor filled holiday, which is something I really need right now with all this cold winter weather in the UK. The dream would be to rent a Villa on the island with stunning views across the sea and Villa Plus have some awe inspiring properties which are perfect for family getaways.

Fresh mezze
A slightly different Christmas lunch with veggie kebabs, a fresh mezse platter, Honey and Walnut Greek Biscuits 

It's made me think about how we would spend Christmas in a hot destination. Having grown up in South Africa I am used to being somewhere in the height of summer during the festive season and although Kefalonia would be experiencing it's own winter it's nothing like the UK with temperatures averaging a mild 15-16 degrees (60F) which I would take any day over the freezing icy cold winds of Wales. We would totally indulge in the local greek food such a stuffed vine leaves, succulent olives and fresh feta, vegetable skewers as well as local biscuits, puddings and Christmas traditions.

Packing would need to be kept simple as thats one of the big advantages about going on holiday during Christmas is that the craziness of it all is somewhat avoided but of course I would still want hints of the festive spirit shining through with a fun jumper and possibly some silly glasses - because why not. As well as one or two beautiful Christmas decorations or this lovely Christmas stamp below to print postcards to send back home.

Christmas packing

Christmas abroad 

Before having Mr A I spent a Christmas in Nice, France where I was working at the time, it's not the first time I've been away from home during the festive season but it was a wonderful, simple and refreshing way to spend Christmas, with new friends around a large table of food and wine, while family had sent care packages to me and even though material wise I had very little it was a very meaningful day and thats really the true meaning of this time of the year.

What would you pack on a holiday aboard or how would you celebrate things?

Greek Adventure
My brother and I in Athens on our first Greek Adventure.

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  1. I'd love to spend Christmas somewhere warm. A villa sounds like a perfect option, and I'd definitely be up for Greece too

  2. I'm not sure how I would feel about spending Christmas abroad having always spent it at home with family, but the idea of some vitamin D is a definite draw!

    1. Laura - it can be very exciting and different being away and can actually bring families closer together

      Laura x

  3. I've been to Poros! My parents were obsessed with the Greek islands and we used to go on our summer holidays to different ones each year, I really want to go back to some of them now. Especially Mykonos x

  4. I would love to be escaping to Greece right about now!! x

  5. I spent two Christmases in New Zealand, and found it strange being so warm and sunny! Those sunglasses are great - not sure we'll need them here in the UK though!

  6. despite not being a sun loving person, i would love the opportunity to spend xmas somewhere warmer!


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