10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wales


Milgi Bar Cardiff
There are lots of great places to eat and see in the Welsh Capital  

Wales is a fantastic holiday destination, especially for families who are looking for something to suit all ages. But it’s one that is often overlooked by keen jetsetters who dream of something more exotic. If you haven’t holidayed in Wales yet, here are 10 things that might change your mind.

Cardiff was named Britain’s best city

According to Mirror.co.uk, Cardiff is the best city in the UK to live in, beating London, Manchester and Liverpool to the top spot.

Rural Wales
Walking up to Castle Cennen in Brecon

There are 641 castles and castle ruins in Wales

If you love history or the magic of a fairy-tale like castle, you will find endless fun in Wales. With 641 castles (or ruins), you will be in awe of the country’s wonderful past anywhere you go.

We often visit Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle leans more than the Tower of Pisa

Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales and it is said to lean more than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

There are more sheep than people in Wales

Lamb is a must-try dish in Wales; with a population of 11 million sheep versus 3 million people, it’s no wonder the meat is so popular. And with so many sheep grazing on the grassy landscapes, a holiday to Wales promises a scenic countryside experience.

Barry Island beach
Running free on the Welsh coastline

There are over 700 miles of coastline in Wales

With over 700 miles of beautiful coastline, you will be treated to dramatic cliffs and wonderful sea views. Some of the most incredible spots include the Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire, Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea, and the Llŷn Peninsula south west of the Isle of Anglesey.

West Wales cottage
We stayed in a wonderful self-catering cottage in Wales earlier this year

The Welsh countryside offers B&B and self-catering charm

If chain hotels just aren’t your thing, you’ll find charming little B&Bs and boutique hotels dotted all around the countryside. Get away from mainstream tourism and find something a little off the beaten path for your next adventure.

Welsh countryside
Taking a walk to the Waterfalls in Brecon

Wales is made up of breath-taking countryside

Wales covers a large part of the UK, with most of it being countryside. For nature lovers, there’s an endless world of rolling hills, stunning mountains and beautiful coast to keep you busy.

Festival Wales
Enjoying some music and storytelling at Beyond the Border festival

You can spend 48 hours in Wales

Wales is vast and there is so much to do. But if you’re touring the UK and only have 2 days to spare, have a look at how you can spend ’48 Hours in Wales’ over on the www.park-resorts.com blog.

Vegetarian pop up food
Milgi Bar pop-up eatery, Wales

Wales is one of the most environmentally friendly countries

The Welsh Government has a legal duty to create a sustainable environment, making it one of the greenest countries in the world.

30% of the country is protected landscape

Either a World Heritage Site, a protected National Park or an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; that makes up 30% of the Welsh landscape making it one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

We love taking forest walks in the Welsh countryside

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  1. I agre, there is so much beauty to be seen in Wales, I've only been to a few places x

  2. What a beautiful country. I've only seen a small part of it, but have included a folk-tale story about when the water flooded a castle and village in one of my books. Love myths and legends--and Wales is the place for that.


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