Gifts to get kids outdoors


Autumn leaves

Let’s try to steer clear of only electrical games and gadgets this year. Get your kids active, outdoors and inspired with gifts that encourage new or budding interests and come with a healthy dose of fresh air.


There are some good quality smaller-sized binoculars suitable for children on the market, and alongside an inexpensive book on wildlife - they make a lovely present. Whether it’s just in the garden or on a trip into the countryside, they’ll have fun identifying birds and other animals. You never know, you may have the next David Attenborough on your hands.

Don't know about you but I would love a pair of antique binoculars for myself (image)


Nothing beats a bike for Christmas. A ticket to independence, the great outdoors and a whole lot of released excess energy; a bike ticks all the boxes and will never go unappreciated.

bike fit


Introduce your kids early to the mystery and beauty of space. You can opt for a basic telescope designed especially for kids, or go a little more up market, depending on your budget (and your child’s track record for commitment to hobbies).

Gardening kits

Gardening is a really easy way to get everyone outside and a perfect activity for adults and children to get stuck in together. Gardening also teaches children valuable lessons about patience, hard work and the joy of efforts coming into fruition. Get them a little kit with child-size tools and a range of seeds - and help them plan their own patch in the garden. Flower bombs - biodegradable grenades filled with seeds that are activated by water, are a fun idea and perfect stocking filler.

child gardening
We love gardening kits and spending time in the garden


Kites are a classic must-have that never gets old. A good quality kite will keep children occupied for hours and make the prospect of a blustery, hilly walk a lot more appealing.

Is there anything better than flying a kite on a dry day?


It’s a joy to watch kids get artistic, but now they can do it outdoors without the fear of their creativity resulting in some unsightly scribbles on your dining room wall. Amazingly cheap and very cheerful - a set of coloured chalks means your kids can be let loose on the patio or at the local park. It also means that everything will wash away with a swish of a bucket or the next rain shower.

There is a huge choice of bikes, bike accessories and other children’s Christmas gift suggestions at Halfords, so make sure you take a look online or in store today.

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  1. great ideas Laura - love anything that encourages mine to get outside

  2. Lovely ideas. I like to give the kids bird houses and bee boxes to encourage them to get things out in the garden ready for spring x

  3. a kite! so simple but something Wilf's never even tried before! x

  4. We've got quite a few of those things, and I think the telescope was probably the biggest hit - so great to be able to teach littluns about the stars and planets. Great list!


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