Holiday dreams and our love of Family Travel


South of France
Mr A and I in the old two of Nice, France

Wow this year has been really action packed for us travel wise, as was the year before, it's one of the things we have in common as a family and love nothing more than an adventure wether it be closer to home or abroad. One of the joys of ending a year is taking the time to reflect back on everything we have done and this year we have enjoyed some great European including celebrating my Birthday in Paris before heading down to the South of France, taking the Eurostar to Brussels for a chic city break and flying from our local airport Cardiff to Amsterdam, a city I lived in for a while before having Mr A and was so excited to take the family too. We also enjoyed glamping at Beyond the Border festival and camping in West Wales, plus mini trips to places like Oxford and Bathand a week long stay in one of our favourite cities - London.

Bell Tent
Glaming at Beyond the Border festival 

eating alfresco
Eating Melon in the South of France

John and Mr A in Brussels this year

Being born into an Expat family (My mother was Welsh, living in South Africa) it meant that we did a fair amount of travel in my childhood, my father believed that travel was one of the best educations you could provide for your kids and I totally agree with that ethos and we feel so lucky to be able to share the world with our little man and soon our next arrival. We constantly feel lucky for being able to do this as a family but of course we also make sacrifices to take these trips but it's always worth it.

French Riviera

European adventures

As always we are already thinking to the future and what exciting things 2015 could hold for us and that we will no longer be a family of 3 but a family of 4. We took Mr A on a his first mini break to West Wales when he was only a few months old and have no fear about including the next one in our plans for the next 12 months, if anything it will make it more exciting.

Left Bank Paris
Enjoying the left bank in Paris

We really hope to take a cruise somewhere, possibly to Scandinavia, plus we want to visit at least one new country to boost our currently 26 to 27 countries visited. Although what we do want more than ever is a mix of a relaxing but also sport and action packed holiday to somewhere nice and hot like Sardinia or Greece where we can soak in the sun rays, eat fresh food outside and spend time swimming in the sea. Warm destinations are also perfect for when you have a young baby or child with you, just remember the sun cream and your ready to go. Fingers crossed some of these materialise into amazing adventures we can share with you.

This post is part of our entry to be a #markwarnermum and #markwarnerdad, for the chance to win an amazing holiday and become apart of the ambassador 2015 team, fingers and toes crossed.


  1. I think it's so lovely that you travel as a family! I firmly believe that the experience of traveling or just life in general teaches you things you just wouldn't learn elsewhere - I bet your little boy loves it! I'm so jealous of all the great places you've had a chance to visit :) x

  2. What a great year of travel - here's to the next! x

  3. It's been lovely seeing all the travel adventures you have been up to his year. I really need to take my children to see more of the World too. :-) x

  4. Wow, what a fantastic year! It's been way too long since we went anywhere adventurous - last place was New Zealand, but then we have had 2 more kiddis since then!!

  5. these photos are wonderful Laura, I totally agree it's the BEST education you can give them! x

  6. These pictures are great. Looks like you've had some great adventures with your lovely little family xx

  7. gorgeous images lovely, looks so nice and it's so nice to see you've traveled so many places

  8. I have managed to travel a lot in the last year too. Travel is definitely a brilliant education for children. I took my son on a plane first when he was 5 months old. I think I have the same wanderlust as you!

  9. It is brilliant the way you travel as family group. Keep going...

  10. I've always fancied going on a cruise. My nan's brother goes on a couple a year thinks they're great. They're definitely an alternative to train or air travel x

  11. Love all these photos! And good luck, I'm desperate for a holiday! x

  12. I love to travel with my family too. Loved the pictures.


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