3 Christmas Colour Palettes For Decorating Your Home


Christmas table
I love the silver and grey shades I came across at Ideal Home Show

The Winter season inspires a myriad of colours to redress your home with. Typically, with Christmas and New Years crowning the season, you may feel like wanting to add that extra celebratory sparkle to your home decor. 

Gold, silver and reflective materials are all welcome on the tree in tinsel and bauble form, so why not extend this into the colour palette for your home? By co-ordinating the eye-catching with the cosy, you can create a homely, festive feel within your home this holiday season.

From the classic to the contemporary, we’ve compiled three Christmas decorating colour palettes for your home decor, each with its own feature pieces and home accessories.

Match classic silver with textured greys and cosy creams.

If you favour neutral colours in your home, such as pale yellows and white, then the winter months can make your home feel a little cold and bare. Crisp white works wonders for freshness in the spring and summer but for the winter, use silver, grey and cream to warm with a festive shine.

Decorating your home pre-Christmas doesn’t have to be an interior design overhaul. By adding a few larger pieces and little ornamental touches, you can create that distinctly seasonal look that you’ve always wanted in your home.

Gold coloured rugs, such as Bazaar Velvet’s pascale champagne rug, are ideal for homes with wood or wood laminate floors. The rug will not only warm your usually cool floors but it will help the room to retain heat. The added texture also makes the room look more cozy and inviting.

Pair the rug with coal and stone grey blankets and cushions. Finish the room with silver candles and fairy lights - around your mantelpieces or strung along a blank wall as cute lighting for the dark evenings.

beautiful throw
Oh how soft does this Lambswool throw look

Balance Christmas reds with burnt oranges, copper and bronze.

Red and green are the typical colours of Christmas. We find them used throughout modern and vintage decorating, from pine trees and poinsettias to Coca-Cola and Christmas cards. To create an embracing heat in your living room this Christmas, look for burnt oranges and hot metallics, such as bronze and copper. A burgundy or burnt orange rug will bring a cool coloured room to life. 

If you already use warm colours in your home, adding a few signature touches can take it to new seasonal level. Fill a large bowl, like The Other Duckling’s rustic decorative bowl, with pine cones or pomanders - clove studded oranges.

wooden bowl
How lovely is this rustic bowl

These decoration will not only add a delicious scent to your home, they look great as the shiny, copper tones play off the deep reds of the rug and dark browns of the cloves. Include cream coloured blankets and throws in your room to counter the richness of the reds and oranges. The neutralising, pale tones will stop the room from appearing too dark or intense.

Use modern turquoise and royal purple to create a bright, bold Christmas.

From the the expected to the adventurous, if you prefer not to play it safe with your winter decorating then consider a turquoise and plum colour palette. A shocking combination for some, when done correctly these two colours contrast beautifully.

How beautiful are these turquoise glass baubles (image)

The key to balancing these colours is to include equal elements of each. For example, if you decorate your sofa and chairs with plum throws or blackberry blankets then accent the rest of the room with turquoise candlesticks and baubles.

However, if you want to make royal purple your statement colour, by selecting a indigo or violet rug, then consider marrying it the couch with cushions or add turquoise with table runners and candles. You can also bring in some hints of nature and natural shades with cut oranges or raffia, tote and organic fabrics.

Noel heart

The advantage of decorating for Christmas using a seasonal colour palette is that once you’ve selected your colours, you’ll have a plethora of options available to you. Even if you don’t pick these exact decorations, you could spot a silver cushion, deep red candle or plum coloured bowl that perfectly suits your home’s winter style. Its just about stumbling upon the perfect choices for you hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas and here is a kiss from my little Christmas elf

Christmas Elf

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  1. I think its a fabulous idea to do a little overhaul for winter I love the idea of a turquoise and plum palette

  2. Beautiful Christmas designs. I wouldn't think of using modern turquoise and royal purple to create a bright, bold Christmas, so thank you for sharing! :) x

    1. Thanks so much Lilinha and my pleasure for sharing

      Laura x

  3. Very good idea to stick to a colour palette. We went for a very traditional red and green this year

    1. You can't beat traditional colours such as red and green :)


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