Simple New Years interior inspiration


The way we live
Simple but rustic (image)

I know it's not even been Christmas but I am really craving calm and serenity, I think I always do around this time of the year as everything seems so manic and crazy and the house is full to the brim with things we don't really need. I really want to reclaim my space back and get rid of the unessary and move forward into the New Year feeling lighter and with a clearer head and that needs to start with the home. I want to create a space that is both homely with touches of nature but simple, fresh and fairly clutter free, I know deep down this would make me a happier calmer person but still allow space for us to be creative in. What changes do you want to make in the New Year?

minimal interior
A simple but creative and family friendly space (image)

simple bedroom interior
Neat, natural and simple bedroom (image)

Simple interior
I love the white-washed floor boards (image)


  1. I know what you mean, my house feels cluttered and I'm sick of tripping over Christmas presents!

  2. What a gorgeous collection of inspiration! I love the calmness of it all. I think after Christmas I will need to decorate like this x

  3. Beautiful New Year's inspiration. I love how stylish and clear it looks! :) x

  4. Ooh all that clean, bright white would feel so fresh and calming after the Christmas madness. I definitely need to spring clean in Jan xx

  5. I'm already over having my Xmas tree up! I usually take it down on Boxing day, I can't wait! x

  6. love these... I'm really into clean, calm spaces at the minute {not that that happens with a house full of kiddos!!}


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