A beautiful day in Nice


Nice promenade

With all the craziness of Christmas now behind us I can finally get around to finishing posting all about our amazing holiday to the South of France, as we went for two weeks and visited so many places it was only fair to break our mini adventures down into smaller posts - so this one is all about our day out in the wonderful city of Nice on the French Riviera. As some of you may already know I lived and worked in Nice for a few months before having Mr A and it was quite surreal going back but this time with the family in tow.

With it being at the end of September we luckily missed all the manic peak period and really got to enjoy the promenade, walking around the old town, through the flower market where we also picked up some locally hand made soaps (they smelled so good) and a walk up the citadel without having to push our way through crowds of people. The weather was good, not too hot but warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. We came across a beautiful antique Carousel, in immaculate condition and furnished with the most stunning fairground seats, horses and this plane that Mr A loved - it went up and down and he ended up going on it three times.

garlic bunch

Old town Nice

Nice in France

The old part of the city is like a maze, filled with bustling side streets and secret cafes. We managed to find a fairly peaceful place to grab a bite to eat and I enjoyed a fresh salad while John opted for some Basil Gnocchi, which was complemented with an espresso each at the end. Across the road a man was stretching pizza and throwing it up into the air with real passion, Mr A was fixated on this while we enjoyed a lazy lunch people watching.

fresh salad

After food we popped into an Artisan bakery and picked up some Macaroons for our walk up the Citadel to admire the view and I highly recommend to anyone in the city as it you get to see the city from above, taking in the stunning coastline and promenade.

stylish menswear

We decided to end the day we a walk along the beach, picking up an ice-cream along the way and watching the waves crash on the shore. It was one of the those simple and blissful days and hopefully we will have the chance to visit Nice again soon, although it was great jumping back into our Fiat 500 and making our way back to the James Villas in Valbonne which was only around a 40 min away and perfectly situated for exploring the coast.


  1. oooh it looks perfect! and so much more inviting than the grey skies outside my window right now!

  2. That salad looks delicious, I don't actually think I knew you used to live there! How amazing to have lived and worked in so many wonderful places, I'm a bit jealous! x

  3. It sounds like an absolute dream. I hope I'll be able to visit The French Riviera soon :) Happy new year!



  4. Ah it looks amazing, I am so desperate for a holiday!! x

  5. Looks like a great trip! That food looks amazing... I'd love to try it.

  6. I love Nice! We spent a few days in Menton earlier this summer - super fun.

  7. Laura your photos are making me want to jump on a plane right now! I can't wait until it's warm again to start dreaming of holidays abroad with my little family. Thanks for sharing your adventure x

  8. Oh how lovely! That carousel looks absolutely darling. Thank you for sharing your adventures, you've definitely given me an itch to travel.

  9. OK, that is the kick I needed. I am going to finish sorting my naturalisation so I can actually go visit this beautiful place!


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