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t is hard to get your children interested in sport if you do not involve yourself in it as well. If you leave the decision to your child they may never pick up a sporting interest and as such could miss out on the social element, that team sports provide, and of course the fitness element which is vital to your child’s lifestyle. You want to actively encourage your child to pick up a sporting interest not force it. 

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Beautiful tennis rackets (image)

Tennis is arguably the best sport to involve yourself and your child in. There are plenty of local coaches out there dying for increased membership and as a result they provide a fantastic service. With 584 calories burnt an hour from playing tennis both you and your children will have had a decent workout. If you and your child are both novices then tennis is a very good place to start, there shouldn’t be too many discrepancies between you and your child, meaning they could actually beat you and this friendly competitive nature increases the retention rate for both of you, a friendly family rivalry is a good thing. You never know, your child could one day be one of the favourites for Wimbledon.

Swimming is a great way to keep fit with all the family (image)

Swimming is absolutely brilliant. Not only is it a full body workout it is also a key life skill that your child needs to learn, nobody wants to be an adult that can’t swim. Sixty minutes of front-crawl would see you burn 514 calories, and it is one of the most complete workouts you can do. Swimming will strengthen the muscles in both yours and your child’s legs and arms, as well significantly improving the heart. Once your child learns to swim you can both go down to the baths and go off at your own pace, once your child is an adequate swimmer supervision is not vital. Swimming is a life skill that all children should be taught.

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Football is the main sport in the UK and even though we don't have any interest in the sport what so ever we do think it's great to kick a ball around with the little man at the park and it's something we can do as a family that is fun, easy and cheap and it's also a brilliant bonding tool and great for foot-eye co-ordination.

It doesn’t matter what sport you get your child involved in as long as you get them involved in sport, it is of paramount importance that you prod your child in the direction of healthy living.

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  1. I think swimming the best place to start. As you say it can be a life saver and there are so many local mother and baby swim groups around that you can start your kids at a very eary age - as soon as baby has had jabs I believe. In addition to the sports you mention above, I think dancing is a v good way to get kids fit. Competitive ballroom dancing was my hobby of choice as a child. It kept me extremely fit and it was incredibly social - I met loads of other young dancers up and down the country week in, week out at national competitions. Tracey x

  2. As a child my parents encouraged me to dance. I did ballet, tap & modern and both the social side and the achievements that came from it meant that I always had something to do and drove me to succeed even more. I'm not particularly sporty & hated pe at school but dancing meant that I would still be active and enjoy myself while doing it.


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