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Bathroom in the Eaves or Loft

bathroom in the eaves

So as some of you may already know we are currently making improvements to our new home and the next room we are tackling is the loft space and bathroom which simply due to the less practical shape it's throwing up some interesting ideas to say the least and it creates some interesting features such as the light giving VELUX® windows which really make the room feel light and airy.

Our little bathroom in the eves

So how do you plan a small bath room in the eves or loft?

1. Main thing with any small bathroom is to keep it simple and keep clutter to a low. You want to try and make it streamline and have practical and clever storage space - which is key. Also work with what you have - we have an ugly cabinet which I am going to be stripping and painting next week and putting some vintage doorknobs on and even though it may not be perfect it will improve the overall look of the room with out breaking the budget.

bathroom storage
I'm going to be stripping and painting the cabinet next week

2. We have already given the room a lick of paint and we want to try and work with as much as we have as it can be really easy to run away with ideas and end up spending a lot of money even in such a small space. We have been trying to decide wether to replace the bath as our dream would be a free-standing one but for now we have opted for painting the panels a light shade of blue and replace the taps instead.

velux window

3. Let the light in - this applies to any room you have in the eaves or attic - large widows with blinds from the VELUX webshop are the best way to take full advantage of the tree top views, it also makes a small space feel a lot bigger and more open. Personally I love light and airy spaces and large windows are great for flooding light into awkward spaces, just make sure you have blinds as well, for those moments you want to cosy up away from the world.

beautiful bathroom

 In my dream scenario we would have beautiful floorboards underneath that we could sand and bring back to life but unfortunately that is not the case and since this house is not a forever house and we will be selling it in about a year we have decided to go for tiles. It's still very exiting slowly seeing a room come together.

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

This post is in association with VELUX but words and thoughts are 100% our own


  1. I love your bathroom! I also love huge windows that let lots of light in :) x

  2. oh I'd love a bathroom in the eaves!

  3. These bathrooms looks so gorgeous, great inspiration for working a small space.x

  4. love these bathrooms! I think it's always the hardest part of the home to put your stamp on! x

  5. We are making one of our bathrooms next week. I just cannot wait to see it all finish.

  6. Love the bathroom - the windows are lovely too. I like it when there is lot of light and proper ventilation.

  7. Number 3 is my favourite, I have always liked the idea of having a freestanding bath.

  8. I love the bathrooms filled with light, they're usually such dark rooms. x

  9. It's a great use of space to have a bathroom in the eaves and quirky too! Good luck with redesigning your bathroom.

  10. It makes it look such a more interesting space being in the eaves. Gorgeous bathroom!

  11. So its The Ana Mum Diary :)

  12. i used to have a velux window in the loft room where i lived in a shared house. whilst it was lovely having a skylight ..the thing constantly leaked and had never ending mould!

  13. This is stunning. I love that it's mostly all white too. My kind of bathroom. I would love to have a skylight in bathroom gives so much better lighting to get ready and makes the room look better. Just lovely. #loveyourhome

  14. Adore the blue mosaic tiles. What a gorgeous bathroom!

  15. Adore the blue mosaic tiles. What a gorgeous bathroom!

  16. It has some lovely featured Laura, look forward to seeing the finished article #LoveYourHome


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