Five extreme DIY jobs to perform in your home


When you need work done on your home it can be a pain not to mention expensive to get someone out to do it for you. If you have the time and patience, it can sometimes be way more beneficial to do it yourself, even if you have never done that kind of work before; from big jobs requiring hired equipment from someone to little fix ups guided by an internet tutorial, you can take control of your repairs without losing your grasp on the family finances. Here is a list of five extreme DIY jobs to perform in your home that will hopefully help you to pre-empt some common household problems before they get to a point where you need to hire a professional to fix it. 


The main cause of leaky faucets is worn out washers. The washers inside of the faucet handles are rubber and tend to wear out quickly. If left for too long without replacing the washer it can lead to more serious plumbing issues. Replace them by turning off the main water supply, unscrewing the leaky handle that controls the flow of water to the spout, removing the old washer, and dropping in the new one.

beautiful facet
Fixing a leaking facet is not that hard


While gutters may go practically unnoticed when you look at your house, they are the main line of defence between your foundation and siding and the elements. Gutters are designed to capture water and debris runoff from your roof and divert it away from your foundation. Clean your gutters at least once per year by physically removing debris from the channels and rinsing them thoroughly by using a garden hose. Also, be sure to regularly check that your gutters are properly affixed to your fascia boards, and replace any sections that appear to be damaged or leaking. This will stop you from being taken by surprise during a storm when clogged gutters lead to water leaking through the ceiling and down the walls.

door lock
Extra security can still be attractive

Fit some extra security

Are you thinking about adding some extra security? You can fit door guards and hinge bolts yourself. A hinge bolt goes on the same side of the door as the hinges so it’s protected all round. A door guard limits how far the door opens, giving you extra security. Make sure the door frame is well fixed and strong; this is often overlooked when fixing new locks. To add two hinge bolts to a door, you'll need: Two hinge bolts, screws, electric drill. See our guide to choosing a drill for details of the different types on the market.

chic draft excluder
I love this draft excluder

Excluding draughts through windows

Clean surfaces thoroughly before you apply self-adhesive draught excluders. Stick the draught excluder to the edge of the open window so it’s tight against the frame when you shut it. Apply it to the door frame rather than the door itself. Use 10 metres of self-adhesive rubber door and window sealer.

Checking Roof for damage

Periodically check your roof for damage. Damaged, discoloured, or gravel-less shingles should be quickly replaced to prevent the need to replace your roof, water-damaged trusses, or drywall when you finally discover a leak. During the inspection of your roof, pay special attention to shingles that surround skylights, vents, and chimneys, as these areas are the most leak-prone.


  1. Great tips and as you say things that you can look at doing yourself!

    1. Hi Erika
      Thanks for stopping by - yes some easy and quick tips :)

      Laura x

  2. Thank you for all these advice. I didn't know about the faucet, definitely something I'll need to do soon!!!

  3. Great tips, I'm thinking of making a cute draught excluder this week :-)

  4. Great tips, i think I'm going to make a cute draught excluder this week :-)

  5. Love the tips, I have changed a washer, its very easy. I love those French Vintage curtains sorry totally off track. We need to check our gutters and flat roof too. Just reminded me so thanks Jo x


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